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Jenny optimistic about debut web series

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Published: 03:41, 6 December 2023

Jenny optimistic about debut web series

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Jenny's popularity as an actress was once again proven when her first movie, ‘Shyama Kabya,’ received its initial release date. She played one of the main roles in the movie directed by Badrul Anam Soud.

A few days ago, when the announcement came that the movie was going to be released, there was a different kind of excitement among Jenny's fans. They had not seen any new work from her for a long time, and ‘Shyama Kabya’ marked her return to the screen. All in all, Jenny's fans are eagerly awaiting the release of her first movie, ‘Shyama Kabya.’

However, the release of the movie has been postponed for the time being, restarting the waiting period for Jenny's fans. The good news for them is that Jenny's first web series, ‘Mubarak Nama,’ is set to be released on the Hoichoi on December 21. The story is written by Abdullah Al Muqtadir and produced by Golam Sohrab Dodul.

Jenny spoke about acting in a web series for the first time, saying, "Golam Sohrab Dodul Bhai is a talented producer. I had to prepare myself long ago to work with him. I played the role of a lawyer in it. 'Mubarak Nama' can be easily described as a courtroom drama. All of us who have acted in it have tried to portray each character with full concentration.”

“Overall, I am satisfied with my work in this, my first web series. I am sure the audience will love it when it airs. I would like to thank Hoichoi and Golam Sohrab Dodul Bhai for involving me in such a wonderful project," the actress added.

Meanwhile, producer Badrul Anam Soud mentioned that Jenny's first movie, ‘Shyama Kabya,’ may be released after the upcoming elections.

As Jenny becomes more serious about acting, she has also expressed a strong interest in working regularly. If there is a good story and a compelling character, she wants to work regularly in movies, dramas, web films, and web series.




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