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BLCPS unites music stars demonstrating music intellectual property rights, royalties

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Published: 05:48, 9 February 2024

BLCPS unites music stars demonstrating music intellectual property rights, royalties

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The BLCPS, or Bangladesh Lyricist Composers and Performers Society, the first and only Collective Management Organisation (CMO) for Music authorised by the government, organised a star-studded conference on Tuesday at the Crystal Palace Auditorium in the capital's Gulshan Club.

Satoshi Watanabe, honourary advisor of the CISAC (The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers), delivered the keynote speech on the importance of CMOs and their function and activities in creating worldwide music intellectual property rights and collecting royalties, reports UNB.

Daud Miah, NDC, Registrar, Copyright Office, Bangladesh joined as the chief guest at the event. Satoshi Watanabe, honourary advisor of the CISAC, was present as the special guest at the event, presided over by eminent music director Sheikh Saadi Khan. 

Several of the country's eminent and popular music stars joined the special conference, where the BLCPS demonstrated a spotlight vision in safeguarding the intellectual property of Bangladesh's music producers, in support of the government's ongoing efforts to develop a 'Smart Bangladesh'. 
The conference, hosted by popular singer Alif Alauddin, began with a minute of silence in respect of the country's legendary composer Alauddin Ali and popular vocalist Andrew Kishore, who have been actively involved with the BLCPS from its inception in 2013, working diligently for the entity despite their severe illness. In the conference, the BLCPS acknowledged the contributions of these two late great artists with heartfelt respect and wished their eternal peace.

BLCPS Trustee Sujit Mostofa said, "In our country, many of our artists do not about their rights and how to collect their royalties. Under the leadership of BLCPS President Sabina Yasmin along with the dedication of the BLCPS team members, we are aiming to protect and manage the rights of Bangladeshi songwriters, composers, singers and distributors."

Hamin Ahmed, CEO of the BLCPS, echoed the same, adding, "Through BLCPS, lyricists, composers, and performers will be able to receive their due royalties from both within and outside of the country. It's not any organization but an entity for the betterment of the industry, and anyone from the industry can join the entity regardless of their membership in any organization." 

Demonstrating an insightful presentation on the importance of CMO, honourary advisor of the CISAC Satoshi Watanabe praised the BLCPS while emphasising the importance of the CMO (Collective Management Organisation) in safeguarding music intellectual property rights and royalty collection worldwide, highlighting the potential benefits of membership in a collective management organisation such as the BLCPS.

Chief guest of the event Daud Miah, NDC, Registrar, Copyright Office lauded the BLCPS for taking the initiative and assured necessary assistance to the entity from the government. BLCPS Legal Advisor Barrister ABM Hamidul Misbah also spoke at the event, which concluded with the vote of thanks from the chair of the conference Sheikh Saadi Khan. 

In addition to the keynote presentation at the conference, Satoshi Watanabe conducted a three-day training earlier in Dhaka to address the BLCPS's capacity requirements as the only CMO in Bangladesh that works with the CISAC. 

The CISAC aims to improve communication, interest protection, and technology sharing across nations. For its specific focus on the development of lyricists and composers, this international confederation is called the leading global organisation that is actively working for the betterment of lyricists and composers. 

The CISAC is currently active in a total of 116 countries with its 225 CMOs and over 5 million creators; and its diverse field of works includes music, audiovisual, drama/play, literature, and visual art - and the people actively involved in these genres.

In addition to the CISAC, the United Nations' autonomous organisation, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation), has been working for the preservation of intellectual property (IP) and the intellectual creations of people from 193 member states around the world, as well as the preservation of information and policies related to this. Sections 38-44 of Chapter 9 of the Bangladesh Copyright Act safeguard individuals' intellectual property interests. 

The BLCPS (Bangladesh Lyricist Composers  and  Performers Society) is the first CMO for the music industry in Bangladesh. Founded in 2013, the organisation received its licence from the government in 2014 to accomplish its vision to protect and manage the rights of Bangladeshi songwriters, composers, singers and distributors. 


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