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23 April 2024

Cindy and Shajal in Walid Ahmed’s second film

Staff Reporter

Published: 08:39, 21 February 2024

Cindy and Shajal in Walid Ahmed’s second film

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For the first time, actors Shajal and actress Cindy Rolling have teamed up in a film named "Jiboner Khela". Directed by Walid Ahmed, this film is produced under the banner of Sadamata Production. It marks Walid Ahmed's second directorial venture, following his previous film, "Megher Kopat," which was released in November last year. The official inauguration of the film "Jiboner Khela" took place at a prestigious restaurant in Dhaka on Monday evening, February 20, 2024, at 6:30 PM. The film, promising a mix of romance and action, features Shajal and Cindy Rolling in lead roles, with other characters also expected to shine, according to the director.

Director Walid Ahmed stated that Shajal, the versatile hero, is currently one of the most experimental artists, showcasing his talents in various roles and achieving success. Cindy Rolling, with her proven abilities, complements the action sequences, combining music, story, and action to provide a wholesome cinematic experience for the audience.

Shajal expressed his enthusiasm for taking on challenging roles that either he hasn't done before or that require significant effort and dedication. He emphasized the importance of strong bonds, friendship, and understanding within the team, highlighting the support from director Walid Ahmed for delivering good work. Shajal believes that the audience will witness a new aspect of him in the film "Jiboner Khela."

Cindy Rolling, known for her diverse roles in Bengali cinema, mentioned her excitement about working in a larger setting this time. Sharing the screen with Shajal brings her great joy, and she expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn a lot from him. She considers herself fortunate to be a part of a project led by the talented director Walid Ahmed.

The film's soundtrack features vocals by Hridoy Khan, Imran, Kona, Mehbooba Kamal, Aishi, and Jeffrey Iqbal. Hridoy Khan, Sajib Das, and Naved Parvez directed the music. Director Walid Ahmed hinted that "Jiboner Khela" might hit the screens by the end of this year.