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23 April 2024

Shironamhin drops enchanting first track from eighth album

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Published: 12:32, 23 February 2024

Update: 13:07, 23 February 2024

Shironamhin drops enchanting first track from eighth album

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Shironamhin released the official music video of its brand new track "Batighor" on Thursday (22 Feb). The band affirmed that the track is the first introduction of their eighth studio album and that it is now accessible on three music-streaming platforms while also holding a press conference event in Dhaka.

'Batighor', which translates to 'the lighthouse', is a song penned by Ziaur Rahman Zia while the band was visiting a lighthouse in Deauville.

This song is an ode to all those individuals who steadfastly support their loved ones through thick and thin. Just like the lighthouse endures the waves crashing upon it and continues to shine bright for those in need.

"Batighor" was composed by the band's lead guitarist, Sudipto Sinha Dipu while the scenic music video, shot at Koh Mak and Koh Chang islands of Thailand, was directed by Ziaur Rahman.

Additionally, guest artiste Dr Sangbartika Bandyopadhyay from Kolkata lent his skill in choir voice. Overall the song is a beautiful melodic experience heightened by the play of the cello.