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14 April 2024

Sabina Yasmin clarifies health rumors from Singapore.

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Published: 02:44, 27 February 2024

Sabina Yasmin clarifies health rumors from Singapore.

Photo : Messenger

In a bid to quell circulating misinformation about her health, veteran Bangladeshi playback singer Sabina Yasmin, currently undergoing medical treatment in Singapore, has directly addressed her concerned fans and the public.

Speaking through an audio message aired on a channel, Sabina Yasmin urged the public not to believe the misleading news regarding her health status, which has been circulating through both social and mainstream media platforms. The renowned singer emphasized the importance of accurate information dissemination and requested everyone to refrain from spreading confusion.

Sabina Yasmin, a prominent figure in Bangladesh's music industry, revealed details about her ongoing medical treatment in Singapore, stating, "I have been regularly visiting Singapore for check-ups since 2007 when my health issues began."

Fortunately, the singer clarified that there have been no major complications until now. However, she mentioned a recent dental issue discovered during her routine check-up, which necessitated minor surgery conducted successfully on February 7.

Providing insight into her future plans, Sabina Yasmin disclosed, "My next appointment with the doctor is scheduled for March 15, and until then, I will remain under observation. I will adhere to the doctor's advice post the appointment and plan to return to our country with your prayers, Inshallah."

Expressing her dismay over the spread of false information, Sabina Yasmin urged the public to avoid disseminating inaccurate news through social or mass media platforms. She emphasized that such misinformation causes distress not only to herself but also to her concerned fans and supporters worldwide.
Furthermore, the singer addressed rumors surrounding a cancer diagnosis, clarifying that while she battled cancer in 2007, she had successfully overcome the disease and returned to the stage.

Sabina Yasmin concluded her message by extending gratitude to her fans and supporters for their unwavering love and support, while urging them to refrain from spreading baseless rumors that only serve to cause unnecessary distress.