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14 April 2024

Runa Laila lends vocal to a song for Bangladesh Betar after 13 years

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Published: 14:50, 4 March 2024

Update: 14:58, 4 March 2024

Runa Laila lends vocal to a song for Bangladesh Betar after 13 years

Runa Laila: Photo Collected

Runa Laila, the revered singer of the subcontinent, has lent her vocals to a new song for Bangladesh Betar after a hiatus of 13 years. The song, titled 'O Brishti Tumi,' penned by Sumon Sardar and composed by Sadek Ali, marks her reconnection with the national radio service.

Recorded on February 29 at the Drama Studio of Bangladesh Betar's Transcription Service in Agargaon, the song holds a special significance for Laila. Expressing her enthusiasm, she said, “I found the lyrics captivating and the melody resonated with me deeply. Having had some of my earlier works aired on Bangladesh Betar, I am hopeful that this song will also be well-received by the audience.”

Reflecting on her experience, Runa Laila shared, “It was a delightful return to the radio waves after such a long interval. I was particularly impressed by the modernisation of the radio infrastructure and the dedication of the team involved.”

This collaboration marks another chapter in Runa Laila's association with Bangladesh Betar, following her contribution of two songs on the Liberation War in July 2011. The songs, 'Akhaura Theke Azampurer Pothe Ektu Dure' and 'Ek Muktijuddha Bolchilo Tar Dukkher Kotha,' composed by Debendranath Chattopadhyay and penned by Md. Rafiqul Islam Irfan, resonate with the spirit of independence.

After the recording session, Runa Laila also participated in an interview with Bangladesh Betar, further cementing her bond with the iconic radio platform.