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20 April 2024

Banani revives as artists create 250 square feet beautiful Bangladesh mural

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Published: 10:26, 1 April 2024

Banani revives as artists create 250 square feet beautiful Bangladesh mural

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Mural, the graphic artwork painted or applied directly to a wall, ceiling or other permanent substrate, is a popular form of art in the world. Through the brushstrokes, artists can broadly represent their worldviews of nature and other elements, and maximize their artistic visions. 
There are several unique places in Dhaka, a medieval city and one of the busiest cities in the world, which is full of stories. Banani is one of the most important areas in the city, and the people who live there have grown up surrounded by the beautiful and serene natural atmosphere since the town's founding; the streets of Banani were carpeted in Krishnachura (Royal Poinciana) flowers, but now the birds, animals and natural elements are hardly visible due to the passage of time. 
Presenting a creative solution to this issue, Art  and  Soul, founded by Nabila Rahman, has spearheaded a unique mural project in Banani Road 21/A with approval and funding of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) Mayor's office, under the patronage of its Mayor Md Atiqul Islam, and Ameenah Ahmed from Meena Trust, another significant donor of this project, reports UNB. 
With generous funding from both donors, Art  and  Soul has brought together nine talented artists to create a stunning 250-square feet mural on Banani Road 21/A (Banani Bidyaniketan wall). The project manager and co-curator for this project is the renowned Bangladeshi artist Fareha Zeba. 
"This mural will be a beautiful reflection of Bangladesh's diversity and beauty, featuring immersive 3D elements and realistic nature with animals and birds that are nearing extinction, mostly from our urban landscape. From Krishnachura flowers to endangered species like squirrels, foxes, kingfishers, vultures, cats and more, we are projecting them on this 3D immersive mural to build community and create awareness," Nabila Rahman told UNB, describing the vision behind the project. 
This project aims to foster a sense of community and belonging, sparking conversations and inspiring positive changes and awareness on taking care of our plants and animals and honouring our trees and flowers, such as paying homage to the Krishnachura flower blossoming all around the city in spring. 
From March 21st to March 25th (10 am to 5 pm), the artists worked on this mural project and from March 26th onwards, on the occasion of Independence Day, it was opened permanently for all to view, enjoy and create moments, memories, engagements and awareness. 
According to Fareha Zeba, Berger weather coat paint was utilized exclusively in the project, with a colour pallet of ten lighter and darker shades of basic colours, as well as contrasting accent tones. The chosen wall is expected to last at least six years, and with the school trees shading it, it will not fade quickly; also, the DNCC has cameras set at key spots to safeguard it from vandalism. 
With her extensive background as an art connoisseur, gallery owner and curator of art events and exhibitions, Nabila Rahman believes that initiatives like this are necessary for transcending art from the gallery. With the use of QR codes that she plans to set up in this mural, kids will be able to use their smartphones to learn more about each animal painted on the wall. 
"It's not just a static piece of art; it's an interactive experience designed to be shared and enjoyed by everyone. Let's come together and celebrate the power of art to unite and inspire!" Nabila invites the netizens to explore the beauty of this mural.