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29 May 2024

Shakib Khan dedicates ‘Rajkumar’ new song to his fans

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Published: 10:47, 7 April 2024

Shakib Khan dedicates ‘Rajkumar’ new song to his fans

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Among the stars, superstar Shakib Khan has the strongest fan base. His devoted fans are called 'Shakibian'! Whenever Shakib does anything, they unconditionally follow him. They even promote his movies themselves, which is constantly seen online.

During difficult times too, Shakibian fans fully support Shakib. Expressing gratitude towards those fans, Shakib Khan has dedicated a song.

The song titled 'Ami Ekai Rajkumar' (I Am the Only Prince) is part of Shakib's upcoming Eid film 'Rajkumar'. On Friday evening at 7 pm, Shakib Khan announced on his fan page that this song is specially dedicated to all Shakibian fans. Simultaneously, it was also posted on Versatile Media's YouTube channel.

The lyrics of 'Ami Ekai Rajkumar' are written by Ferrari Farhad, music composed by Emon Chowdhury, and vocals by Shamim Hasan.

In the video of the song, Shakib is seen dancing completely in a chill mood. Over a hundred dancers are synchronizing with him. Shakib is wearing bright-coloured outfits in this song.

In the song, he is saying, everyone in the country of the heart is a king; I am the only prince. The choreography is done by Ashok Raja and costume design by Farah Diba.

Previously, two songs titled 'Rajkumar' and 'Borbaad' from the film were released, which have already generated discussions among the audience.

Produced by Arshad Adnan and directed by Himel Ashraf, 'Rajkumar' stars Shakib Khan opposite American actress Courtney Coffee. Cinema hall owners and booking agents have already paid record amounts to book the film for Eid screenings.