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29 May 2024

Runa Laila lights up ‘Anondo Mela’ with her performance for first time

Artainment Reporter

Published: 08:36, 8 April 2024

Runa Laila lights up ‘Anondo Mela’ with her performance for first time

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Bangladesh's pride in songs, the famous singer and composer of the subcontinent, Runa Laila, sang for the very first time in ‘Anondo Mela’, the Eid special magazine show on Bangladesh Television (BTV), in her long musical journey.  

She performed a completely new and original song titled ‘Notun Prithibi’, with lyrics penned by Anjir Liton, Director General of Bangladesh Shishu Academy, and composed by Ashraf Babu. Runa Laila has lent her vocal to the song exclusively for ‘Anondo Mela’, with young singers Kona, Sabbir, Imran, and Jhilik harmonising their voices alongside her.

Produced by Monirul Islam and Yasir Arafat, ‘Anondo Mela’ will be aired on BTV after the 10 pm English news on Eid day, allowing audiences to enjoy Runa Laila's performance.  

Reflecting on her participation in ‘Anondo Mela’, Runa Laila said, “I was not specifically asked to sing for ‘Anondo Mela’ before. If they had asked, I probably would have. Nonetheless, it feels good to sing for ‘Anondo Mela’ after a long time. Anjir Liton has beautifully written this song, and Ashraf Babu has done a great job with the composition. The artistes of this generation have also sung this song very sincerely with me.”

“I am sincerely grateful to the BTV authorities. I am also even thankful to the person who kept bringing me a chair during the shooting of 'Anondo Mela',” the veteran singer added. 

Kona said, “It still feels like a dream to me that Runa ma'am, whom we hugely admire and love, stood beside me and sang, and we sang with her. I never thought such a day would come in my life. Immense gratitude to Allah. Thank you, Runa ma'am, for giving me this opportunity.”

Sabbir said, “I never even imagined that I would stand beside Runa ma'am and sing the same song. But something like that has happened - I can't believe it. She is such a great artiste, yet she mingles and adores us like an ordinary person.”

Imran said, “I have had the opportunity to sing with the respected Runa ma'am before. But singing with her for BTV's signature show ‘Anondo Mela’ will remain memorable.”

Jhilik said, “Ever since receiving the winning crown from her hands in ‘Shera Kontho’, I have been moving forward with her blessings. She always praises my voice, and that pleases me. I really enjoyed singing with her on ‘Anondo Mela’.”