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29 May 2024

Apurba mesmerises viewers this Eid again

Artainment Reporter

Published: 09:18, 21 April 2024

Apurba mesmerises viewers this Eid again

Ziaul Faruq Apurba. Photo: Courtesy

Ziaul Faruq Apurba, one of the leading actors in the country's television drama industry, once again captivated audiences with his stellar performances this Eid. Despite Apurba's increasing focus on working for OTT platforms, he has managed to keep his long-time fans engaged with his TV dramas.

Three of Apurba's latest dramas have already been aired and released on YouTube. These dramas are 'Shohore Premer Ghran' directed by Zakaria Soukhin, 'Bhalobasar Koekta Din' directed by SR Mozumder, and 'Moner Kolahol' directed by Rubel Hasan. In these three dramas, he starred alongside Tasnia Farin, Sabila Nur, and Safa Kabir, respectively.

All three dramas have received a positive response from the audience, drawing immense admiration from Apurba's fans, with his co-stars also delivering excellent performances. Apurba has previously starred in many popular dramas under the direction of Zakaria Soukhin, SR Mozumder, and Rubel Hasan.

Apurba said, “I have previously worked under the direction of these three directors, starring in many popular dramas. I have great faith in the stories they choose and their directing style, which is why I enjoy working with them. Moreover, each of their units is highly organised and professional, resulting in beautiful productions. I have received an unprecedented response from the audience for these three Eid dramas.”

“The three actresses who co-starred with me are all proven actresses of this generation. Their fans have also appreciated their work. I always put in a lot of effort into each of my works because every work carries the signature of my time. I am sincerely grateful to the audience for not only enjoying my works but also expressing their honest opinions. More good works are coming up in the future, and the audience will know and see them in due time,” the actor added.

Meanwhile, SR Mojumder-directed drama 'Swapno Dekhar Dingulo' starring Apurba will be aired soon on Channel i. Additionally, the new web series 'Golam Mamun', directed by Shihab Shaheen and starring Apurba, will soon be released on Hoichoi.

Apurba has also delivered an outstanding performance in Syed Shakil's drama 'UNO Sir'. He is being praised for his acting in this drama as well.