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Dalchhut releases new album ‘Sanjeeb’ after 12 years

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Published: 10:23, 22 April 2024

Dalchhut releases new album ‘Sanjeeb’ after 12 years

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Popular Bangladeshi band Dalchhut, founded by the late legendary singer-songwriter Sanjeeb Choudhury, has released a new album titled ‘Sanjeeb’ after a long hiatus of 12 years. Sanjeeb Choudhury passed away on November 19, 2007, and the band's last album, 'Aay Nimontron,' was released in 2012.

This new album has been named 'Sanjeeb' as a tribute to the band's founder, Sanjeeb Choudhury. The songs on the album reflect Sanjeeb's persona and legacy.

Bappa Mazumdar, the lead vocalist of Dalchhut, said, “We have always had a space of love for Sanjeeb Choudhury. This album is a celebration of that love for him. Our thoughts about him will be expressed through the songs. We still love and miss our elder brother Sanjeeb. That's why we have dedicated this album as a tribute to him.”

It is learned that the album has been in production for eight long years. It was released yesterday on the Shadhin Music app. Within a few days, the songs will also be available on online and other platforms. The album features songs written by Kabir Bakul, Zulfiqar Russell, Sheikh Rana, the late Russell O'Neil, Indranil Chattopadhyay, Mas Masum, Shahan Kabondho, and Deepan.

The song titles include 'Sanjeeb,' 'Tumi Jao,' 'Ganer Shuruta,' 'Tumi Achho Naki,' 'Mon Karigar,' 'Shunno Lage,' 'Duto Manush,' 'Megh Jomeche,' 'Tar Chhayay,' 'Prabanchona,' and 'Mon Dabaru.'

Bappa said, “The songs are mostly melody-based, but there are also rock and folk-inspired tracks. Listeners will also get to experience Dalchhut's signature style.”

The current lineup of the Dalchhut band consists of Bappa Mazumdar on vocals and guitar, Masum Wahidur on guitar, John Sharton on bass guitar, Dano Sheikh on drums, Sohel Aziz on keyboards, and Shahan Kabondho as the manager.

Since the band's inception in 1996, Dalchhut has released albums such as ‘Ah’ (1997), ‘Hridoypur’ (2000), ‘Akash Churi’ (2002), ‘Jochona Bihar’ (2007), ‘Tukro Kotha’ (2008), ‘Kingbodonti’ (2008), and ‘Ei Amontron’ (2012).