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25 May 2024

Sreyashee Sreya eager for challenging roles

Kamruzzaman Milu

Published: 09:32, 14 May 2024

Sreyashee Sreya eager for challenging roles

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Sreyashee Sreya's foray into the entertainment industry commenced with her modelling endeavours. After garnering experience working as a model for various brands, she received offers to embark on acting roles in dramas, subsequently kickstarting her acting journey.

Her first drama was 'Hirar Angti', where she co-starred with renowned actor Mosharraf Karim. This drama aired during Eid in 2021 on Channel i. After that, she worked in several other projects before taking a break.

When asked about the reason behind her break, Sreyashi said, “I took a two-year break from work primarily for my studies. I started working again this year. So far, I have collaborated with actors like Mosharraf Karim, Shamol Mawla, Sajal, Emon, Shamim Hasan Sarkar, Junayed Bugdadi, and others.”

Upcoming projects that will feature Sreyashi include Nazmul Rani's ‘Dui Bodhu Ek Swami’, ‘Biye Baji’, Al Harun's ‘Bibah Dot Com’, and Reza Mahmud's short drama ‘Prem Roger Moha Oushodh’.

Additionally, two music videos starring Sreyashi as a model will be released during the upcoming Eid.

Early in her career, Sreyashi had the opportunity to portray challenging characters. Subsequently, she started receiving offers for comedic and similar roles. However, she expressed her desire to work in more challenging roles.

Regarding her future plans, Sreyashi said, “I want to work in characters that leave a lasting impression on the audience's minds. I hope directors will consider me for distinct and challenging roles. Whether it's dramas, OTT platforms, or music videos, I want to establish myself as a complete artist.”

When asked if she sees herself as a lead actress, she responded, “To become a lead actress, one must first be a good actor, along with having glamour, fitness, and other qualities. I want to prepare myself accordingly. And while I do aspire to work in films, not right now. First, I want to hone my acting skills further and complete my studies, then I wish to work in movies.”

Currently, Sreyashi is pursuing a BBA degree at Independent University.