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24 June 2024

Amin Khan returns with blockbuster action in Walton TVC

Artainment Reporter

Published: 08:11, 21 May 2024

Amin Khan returns with blockbuster action in Walton TVC

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Bangladeshi film star Amin Khan, renowned as both an action and romantic hero, has been working for a long time at Walton. He has been tirelessly contributing to the company's promotions and outreach. This is one of the reasons he has not been as regularly acting in films recently. 

However, Amin Khan has always made his stance clear - that if a good script came along, his office would not prevent him from taking on the acting opportunity. Yet, in recent years, he has not come across a compelling story, leaving his many fans yearning to see him back on the big screen.

But a hero's passion never fades. Amin's thirst for acting has remained within him. So, for a Walton advertisement promoting their ‘No one can stop a Walton Commitment,’ he stepped into the role of model himself.

Amin Khan portrayed an action hero in the television commercial (TVC), conceptualizing the story himself. Shahed Shahrukh directed the piece. Since its broadcast last Sunday night, the TVC has created a storm, instantly going viral across the country. Never before has Amin Khan's action prowess been showcased so artistically. 

While times change, Bangladeshi stars like Amin are often underutilized. But Walton has appropriately tapped into his talents, as this latest advertisement proves.  

“Since the TVC aired Sunday night, I was on the phone nonstop until 3 am,” said Amin Khan, adding, “Everyone called to rave about my presence in the commercial. Some even said the industry fails to properly utilize talented senior artists like myself. But I don't dwell on that - I simply want to do my job well for the responsibility Walton has given me.”

He added, “I'm truly grateful to the audience for being so thrilled by my return and for inspiring me. My wife Snigdha and two children are also loyal fans of my work.”