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15 June 2024

Tama Mirza sues Misty Zannat for defamation, demands Tk 10cr

Artainment Reporter

Published: 11:05, 24 May 2024

Tama Mirza sues Misty Zannat for defamation, demands Tk 10cr

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Actress Tama Mirza has issued a legal notice to fellow actress Zannatul Ferdous Misty, popularly known as Misty Zannat, demanding a public apology and Tk 10 crore in compensation for allegedly making defamatory remarks against her.

Tama's lawyer, Barrister Shajib Mahmood Alam, sent the notice via registered post on Tuesday, citing two video statements circulating on social media that purportedly contain derogatory and slanderous comments about the actress.

The videos in question, titled ‘Misty Zannat Takes a Jab at Tama Mirza’ and ‘Tama Mirza Became an Actress by Sucking Up: Zannat,’ are claimed to have damaged Tama Mirza's reputation among journalists and the public.

According to the legal notice, these alleged defamatory statements have tarnished Tama Mirza's reputation and character, constituting a punishable offense. The remarks were purportedly made to harass and defame her on digital platforms, resulting in Tk 10 crore in damages.

The notice demands that Misty Zannat issue a public apology and pay the designated amount in compensation within seven days. It also warns against making further defamatory comments against Tama Mirza.

Local media reports indicate that if Misty Zannat fails to comply with the demands outlined in the legal notice, Tama Mirza's legal team will initiate necessary legal action against her.

The ongoing dispute between the two actresses has garnered significant attention in the entertainment industry and on social media platforms.