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24 June 2024

Misty Zannat counters Tama Mirza’s lawsuit with Tk 20cr claim

Artainment Reporter

Published: 08:32, 28 May 2024

Misty Zannat counters Tama Mirza’s lawsuit with Tk 20cr claim

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In a sensational development, actress Zannatul Ferdous Misty, widely recognized as Misty Zannat, has countered a legal notice from her colleague Tama Mirza by asserting her own claim for Tk 20 crore in compensation.

Misty's legal representative, Kamruzzaman Kochi, dispatched a notice to Tama's legal counsel on Monday via registered mail, vehemently rebutting the allegations leveled against Misty. The notice stipulates that Tama retract her initial notice, issue a public apology, and remit Tk 20 crore in damages within three days, failing which civil and criminal legal recourse will be pursued.

Misty Zannat's notice comes after Tama Mirza accused her of making defamatory comments, demanding a public apology and Tk 10 crore in compensation. 

Earlier on May 23, Tama Mirza had issued a legal notice to Misty Zannat, alleging defamation and seeking a public apology along with Tk 10 crore in compensation. Tama's notice provided a seven-day deadline for compliance, warning of legal action if Misty failed to apologise and compensate.

The notice, sent by Tama's lawyer, Barrister Shajib Mahmood Alam, cited two videos circulated on social media where Misty allegedly made slanderous remarks. The videos, titled "Misty Zannat takes a jab at Tama Mirza" and "Tama Mirza became an actress by building illegit links: Zannat," reportedly hurt Tama's reputation.

In her counter-notice, Misty argues that Tama's claims are baseless and that no specific interview, media outlet, or social media platform was cited in the original notice. Misty also pointed out that no link or concrete evidence was provided to substantiate the defamation allegations. She described Tama's notice as vague, imaginative, and legally unfounded, aimed at spreading false information and causing reputational harm.
Misty's notice further criticised Tama's lack of specificity regarding the time and location of the alleged press conference mentioned in the original claim. According to Misty, this lack of detail renders Tama's notice ambiguous and without legal merit.

The notice states, "The defamatory notice has spread false information about Misty Zannat, causing significant reputational damage. Therefore, Misty demands a retraction of the notice and compensation of Tk 20 crore within three days. Failing to do so will result in civil and criminal proceedings against Tama Mirza."