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24 June 2024

Liza coming to the stage with new song

Artainment Reporter

Published: 08:42, 29 May 2024

Liza coming to the stage with new song

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The audience felt Lisa's void a lot during last year's stage show seasons. During the last stage season, Liza was in the USA with her husband. There her first daughter Yasha was born on March. Yasha is an American citizen by birth. At that time it was not clear to many whether Liza was in the country or out of the country. She had to give up all the stage shows at that time. Although it is very difficult for a singer, but since Liza was in America and became a mother, she took it for granted.

But since she has already returned to the country with Yasha, there is a plan to return to the stage shows. In the meantime, Liza has received offers to sing in stage shows before and after Eid. But her daughter is so young that it is not possible to keep her away from mother right now. However, even if she is not returning to the stage show, she is going to release a new original song soon. The title of the song is 'Tumi Ele'. The song is written by Nurul Islam Manik, tune composed by Faisal Ahmed, and Music Composed by Mir Masum. Liza said that the song will be released on her own YouTube channel 'Liza'.

Liza said, "‘Tumi Ele’ is a romantic song. I like the lyrics and melody of the song very much. I want to release the video of the song soon. Now the situation is not favorable. If everything goes well, I will release the song soon. And there is a lot of pressure to return to the stage show. But thinking about my daughter, I am not going back to the stage show right now. But my adoring audience will find me in the stage season. Let's say late August and in full swing from September. In the meantime, I hope to be able to straighten myself out. To be honest, I spend all my time with Aisha. My mother is helping me a lot. Her love for his granddaughter is infinite. And my father and Shubho is also supporting me a. Being born in such a family is always fortunate.”

It is to be notewaorthy that last year, Liza's mother was awarded the 'Maa Padak 2023' organized by 'Madiha Marsiha Advertising' under the initiative of 'Ali-Rupa Foundation'. In the meantime, Liza has also participated in Banglavision's 'Amar Ami' program presented by Sarika.