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15 June 2024

Asif Akbar ‘The Last Don’

Artainment Reporter 

Published: 09:01, 10 June 2024

Asif Akbar ‘The Last Don’

Photo: Courtesy

Renowned Bangladeshi singer Asif Akbar has taken on an entirely new avatar in his latest musical film titled ‘The Last Don.’ Apart from lending his vocals, the versatile artiste has also portrayed the titular character of the don.

Akbar shared a Facebook status on Saturday, providing insights into the thought-provoking project. 

“A singer sings, living a life of joy. But he begins to notice the ugly facets of a life lived in misery. He himself is a part of that tainted society,” he wrote. “The call for justice weeps in solitude, and the Don takes the law into his own hands.”

Akbar further explained, “We have created 'The Last Don' as a protest against human trafficking, child abuse and organ harvesting for beggary, as well as the trafficking of women. As a singer, I can demand the highest justice through words, melodies, and songs.”

The status was accompanied by striking visuals featuring Akbar in a dapper suit, tie, and sunglasses, with a rose adorning his blazer pocket. His well-groomed appearance contrasts with the heavy weapon he holds, reflecting the film's gritty themes.

Filming for 'The Last Don' recently wrapped up at various locations in Dhaka. The musical film is directed by Saikat Nasir, with music composed by Javed Ahmed Kislu and lyrics penned by Suhrid Sufian. 

If all goes as planned, the film will be released on Akbar's YouTube channel on the evening of Eid day, June 17.