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15 June 2024

Rumky’s 4th solo show in Washington

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Published: 12:55, 10 June 2024

Update: 13:38, 10 June 2024

Rumky’s 4th solo show in Washington

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Artist Hasura Akther Rumky’s 4th solo art exhibition titled "ODE TO PEACE & LOVE: A CANVAS OF HOPE" in Washington, DC. USA. The inaugural ceremony of the exhibition was held on Saturday (8 June), at 2:00 PM at its gallery premises. 

The Gandhi Memorial Centre presents the solo painting exhibition titled "ODE TO PEACE & LOVE: A CANVAS OF HOPE" by Artist Hasura Akther Rumky. The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Foundation is a legally independent, nonprofit cultural and educational organization.

Satarupa Barua ,Chief of Bangla Service, VOA Bangla, Journalist and oh behalf of the Bangladesh high commission to the Unites States Fazle Rabbi ,the economist minister of the Bangladesh Embassy of the Bangladesh Embassy in Washington DC & Ms. Priyanthi Kanakaratna Executive Secretary at Embassy of Bangladesh was presence on the inauguration.

Greeting Speech delivered by Srimati Karuna Began, Director of Gandhi Memorial Center.

Rumky said that "In 'Ode to Peace & Love: A Canvas of Hope,' delve into the essence of my existence, portrayed vividly on canvas. My art is not merely a passion; it's the very fabric of my being, a visual narrative of dreams and reality intertwined. Unbound by medium, each stroke is a step on my journey of self-discovery. Working with soil-sand-based colors isn't just a choice; it's a connection to nature and the cycle of life. Like dust, I am transient, seeking freedom from sorrow and pain.

In this exhibition, I focus on the urgent call for peace, particularly shedding light on the plight of Gaza. Through my art, I aim to inspire unity, compassion, and a vision of a world where war gives way to harmony and love. I tried to portray "Hands of Connection." This ongoing series explores the power of human connection through hands.

Each painting celebrates the unique, unspoken bonds that unite us, emphasizing love, trust, and solidarity. "Icons of Peace" series of portrait paintings honor remarkable figures whose lives and legacies embody the ideals of peace, compassion, and harmony, and some paintings celebrate the beauty and strength of love. Join me in envisioning a world where every leaf is touched by heavenly light, and where the echoes of 'What a Wonderful World' resound in every heart."


Hasura Akther Rumky earned both her BFA and MFA from the Department of Oriental Arts, under the Faculty of Fine Arts of the prestigious University of Dhaka.

Her artworks are deeply influenced by her emotional experiences and journey as an artist. People are the main subject of Rumky's paintings. She is proficient in the use of pastel, acrylic, charcoal, and natural materials like soil pigments. One will find illusion, silence, emotions, and longing for human connection through her magical spells over canvas.

Rumky has participated in numerous group art exhibitions, workshops, art camps, projects, residencies, and solo exhibitions both at home and abroad. She has received several awards including the Club for UNESCO & the International Action Art's Awards for cultural contribution in 2023; Grand Award at Bangabandhu International Art Exhibition, organized by KAHAL Art Gallery of Japan in 2021; Honorable Mention at the 6th Oriental Painting Exhibition, organized by OPSG in 2016, and the Artist Shafiqul Amin Memorial Award during the Annual Exhibition, organized by the Department of Oriental Arts, University of Dhaka in 2015. From 2019 to 2022, she worked as an Assistant Coordinator for the Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh, hosted by the Division of Fine Arts, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy.