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15 June 2024

Mondira wraps up ‘Neel Chakra’, new project announcement soon

Artainment Reporter

Published: 08:24, 11 June 2024

Mondira wraps up ‘Neel Chakra’, new project announcement soon

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Mondira Chakroborty, the newly emerged sensation, made her debut with the film ‘Kajolrekha’, released during the last Eid. She played the lead role in the movie directed by Giauddin Selim, co-starring Shariful Razz.

Meanwhile, Mondira has completed her second film, ‘Neel Chakra’, directed by Mithu Khan. She has finished dubbing for the movie. The first-look poster, featuring Mondira and co-star Arifin Shuvoo in regal attire, was released a while ago and received praise, building anticipation among viewers.

“First, I express my gratitude to all my fans who went to watch my debut film ‘Kajolrekha’,” said Mondira. “Many have expressed their appreciation on Facebook, while others shared their thoughts directly with me. As an actor, I can evaluate my own performance and realise how much better I need to act going forward. Since ‘Kajolrekha’ was my first film, there were bound to be mistakes. But I'm trying to present myself better in subsequent movies.”

“In ‘Neel Chakra’, I have tried to act attentively and cautiously with the character. This is my first film with the talented actor Arifin Shuvoo Bhai. Undoubtedly, working with him was a great experience. I’m very hopeful about ‘Neel Chakra’.”

Mondira further revealed that the announcement of another new film is coming soon, although she didn't disclose any details yet. Her third film is also going to be full of surprises and beneficial for her career. Currently, she is busy with the pre-production work of the new movie and will inform everyone in due time.