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15 June 2024

Rural poet Jasim Uddin’s staging of ‘Veder Mayi’

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Published: 11:15, 11 June 2024

Rural poet Jasim Uddin’s staging of ‘Veder Mayi’

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Hiran Kiran Theater's popular production 'Veder Mayi'. On ‍Sunday (9 June) at 7 pm, the play was shown in the auditorium of District Art Academy, Munshiganj.  The play was written by rural poet Jasim Uddin. Choreography and direction by Jahangir Alam Dhali. The story presented in the story of the play is presented in this play through the tragic life story of the Veda's daughter Champavati.

Champavati symbolizes the ideal Vedic woman. Infatuated with her beauty, the greedy Moral snatched away Champavati with the force of his lathial. Helpless Champavati's husband Gaya protests to no avail. Desperate, Gaya left Champavati and went away with his team. Gaya married again and started a family. On the other hand, in the Vedas of Champavati, the exuberance of life, laughter and joy are trapped in the house of Moral, in a confined life.

At one point, Moral ran out of need for Champavati. Banished, Champavati returns to her roots, to her Vedic nation. But Gaya cannot accept him naturally. Helpless Champavati tries to stay close to her husband. But even there he has no place. With her husband's neglect and gonads in her chest, Champavati crosses to the unknown. But whenever she hears that her husband is dying of a snake bite, those memories come back. Champavati saved the husband by sucking all the poison from his body and ended his life.

Tushar Ray, Sushmita Rani Mallick, Ad. Mujibur Rahman Sheikh, Mohammad Shamim Sheikh, Mahamudul Hasan Apu, Tasfiha Tanni, Shrabani Rani Mallik, Mukul Rani Saha, Arjun, Fatiha, Rathin Das, Sohanur Rahman Mahim. A total of 27 artists have acted.