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25 July 2024

Coca-Cola pulls controversial TVC from YouTube after backlash

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Published: 10:32, 12 June 2024

Coca-Cola pulls controversial TVC from YouTube after backlash

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Coca-Cola Bangladesh faced mixed reactions from netizens after releasing an advertisement. Amid criticism, the beverage company has now removed the controversial ad from the video-sharing platform YouTube. As of Tuesday morning, the ad is no longer visible on Coca-Cola's official channel.

However, Coca-Cola authorities have not officially commented on pulling down the video.

The advertisement featured actor and filmmaker Sharaf Ahmed Jibon, Shimul Sharma, and Abdullah Al Sentu, among others, as models. The soft drink brand Coca-Cola, as well as the artistes who performed in the ad, faced backlash on social media. Many have threatened to boycott Coca-Cola and the actors involved.

After threats of boycotting the artistes, Sharaf Ahmed Jibon and Shimul Sharma have spoken up about their involvement in the ad. Jibon said, “I am known as a director and actor. For the last two decades, I have been involved in direction and acting. In my personal life, I have always stood against any aggression against human rights and remained respectful of your feelings and opinions.”

Shimul Sharma said, “I have just started my journey. Please forgive any mistakes on this path with a forgiving eye and keep me in your good wishes to become a conscientious artiste in the future. Thank you all.”

There has been a persistent rumour that Coca-Cola is an Israeli product. Many have called for boycotting the brand, accusing it of attacking Palestine. Coca-Cola Bangladesh recently produced an advertisement directed by Sharaf Ahmed Jibon, attempting to dispel this rumour. The ad aimed to convey that Coca-Cola is not an Israeli company and that it has factories in Palestine itself, with Bangladeshi Coca-Cola being produced locally.