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25 July 2024

Bubly-starrer ’Revenge’ set for Eid release

Artainment Reporter

Published: 08:59, 13 June 2024

Bubly-starrer ’Revenge’ set for Eid release

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Popular heroine Shobnob Bubly-starrer film 'Revenge', directed by Mohammad Iqbal, is slated for release this Eid. The trailer for the movie has already been released, showing actress Bubly portraying the role of a police officer. 

From what is seen in the trailer, Bubly's presence in the full film promises to be challenging yet captivating for audiences. Bubly stars opposite Ziaul Roshan in the movie, which has already generated considerable anticipation among viewers. 

On the other hand, for this Eid, director M Rahim has made a film titled 'Jongli' starring Bubly and Siam, though it has been held back from release during this Eid for now.

On another note, at the recently held 'BFDA' awards ceremony, Bubly was honored as the Best Actress of 2023. This marks the highest recognition for her acting prowess so far in 2024. 

Regarding 'Revenge', Bubly said, “It is confirmed that my film 'Revenge' will be released this Eid. In this movie, I have portrayed a police officer character who is prepared to sacrifice herself for the nation and dedicated to building a golden Bangladesh. I'm grateful to Iqbal Bhai for giving me the opportunity to play such a role. I'm very hopeful about ‘Revenge’.”

On receiving the award, the actress said, “I was awarded Best Actress for my performance in ‘Prohelika’ at the first edition of the award by the Bangladesh Film Directors' Association (BFDA). It was a matter of great pride and joy for me because, after all, we artistes shape ourselves under the directors' guidance. The esteemed directors can truly judge how well we artistes perform. I'm thankful to everyone associated with the BFDA awards ceremony.”

Additionally, audiences will see Bubly participating in the cooking show titled ‘Ranna Kono Bapari Na’ on Maasranga Television, presented by Mousumi Mou, during this Eid. Bubly has already recorded her segment for the show.