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18 July 2024

Tarin to grace Tollywood screens with Manasi Sinha’s upcoming film

Artainment Reporter

Published: 10:18, 21 June 2024

Tarin to grace Tollywood screens with Manasi Sinha’s upcoming film

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Tarin Jahan has been a prominent figure in the Bangladeshi entertainment sphere for nearly four decades. Despite her commanding presence on television, she has largely stayed away from the big screen.

Recently, however, she has been making a notable return to cinema. Last year, she was seen in Hridi Haq's "1971: Shei Sob Din." This April, her first Tollywood film, "Eta Amader Golpo", was released in West Bengal theatres.

Directed by Manasi Sinha, the film has already completed 50 days and continues to run in theatres in Kolkata. Now, Tarin is set to star in a new Tollywood film by the same director, titled "5 Number Shopnomoy Lane." The cast also includes Aparajita Auddy, Kharaj Mukherjee, Arjun Chakraborty, and Annwesha Hazra.

To celebrate the 50-day milestone of "Eta Amader Golpo," Tarin headed to Kolkata yesterday. Speaking to the media before her departure, she shared her excitement about the new film.

Tarin said, "'Eta Amader Golpo' has completed 50 days in theatres. This success of a story-driven film proves that audiences still come to theatres for good cinema. I'm thrilled to be going to Kolkata for this celebration. Additionally, preliminary talks about Manasi's new film have taken place, and we will finalize details soon."

Much like her first film, Manasi Sinha's second project will delve into relationships. The director shared that the story revolves around people who are forced to live alone due to circumstances. The film is titled after the address of a house, which forms the central narrative.
In "Eta Amader Golpo," Tarin played the role of a woman from a Bengali Hindu family who married into an aristocratic Kolkata household.

When asked about her role in the new film, "5 Number Shopnomoy Lane", Tarin said, "We've discussed the story. Like the first film, this one also explores the depths of relationships. However, the specifics of my character are still under wraps. Since I haven't signed the contract yet, I'd prefer not to speculate. I will share more details once I'm in Kolkata and the agreement is finalised."

Tarin also revealed that she is in talks for multiple film projects in Bangladesh. "I'm discussing potential films with two Bangladeshi directors. Nothing is final yet, as I'm still reading scripts. I will meet with them again after returning from Kolkata."