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14 July 2024

Meher Afroz Shaon returns to screen after 17 years with ‘Neel Jochona’

Kamruzzaman Milu

Published: 10:26, 5 July 2024

Meher Afroz Shaon returns to screen after 17 years with ‘Neel Jochona’

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Meher Afroz Shaon, a well-known name in the media since her debut in the children's talent show "Notun Kuri," is set to make a grand return to cinema after 17 years.

Shaon, who gained fame through her performances in acclaimed laureate and filmmaker Humayun Ahmed's dramas and films, stepped back from acting to focus on her family and children following her marriage to the legendary writer-director. Since the passing of Humayun Ahmed in 2012, Shaon has been absent from the screen, making occasional appearances in music but staying away from acting.

Now, she is set to return with Fakhrul Arefeen Khan's government-funded film "Neel Jochona". The film is adapted from Mostak Ahmed's parapsychology novel "Neel Jochonar Jibon". 

Shaon confirmed her involvement in the project to the media, expressing her excitement about her comeback. "It has been 17 years since I last acted in a film. My last movie was Humayun Ahmed's 'Amar Achhe Jol', which I shot in 2007, and it was released in 2008," Shaon reminisced.

Speaking about her new venture, Shaon said, "In 'Neel Jochona', I will be playing the role of an urban woman. I was drawn to the story and the character, which is why I decided to take it on. Although I am excited to start shooting after such a long break, I cannot reveal more details about the film or my character due to the producer and director's policies."

Shaon also mentioned that while she is returning to cinema after 17 years, her last acting role was in 2011 in the drama "Swarnakolosh", written and directed by Humayun Ahmed. 

She will begin shooting for her part in "Neel Jochona" in Dhaka tomorrow. The cast includes noted actors such as Tariq Anam Khan, Intekhab Dinar, Partha Barua, S.M. Naeem, and West Bengal's Paoli Dam.

"Neel Jochona" marks the fourth film directed by Fakhrul Arefeen Khan, who previously directed "Bhuban Majhi", "Gondi", and "JK 1971". Khan began working on "Neel Jochona" nearly six years ago. "To my knowledge, no film in Bangladesh has previously explored the theme of parapsychology. After reading Moshtak Ahmed's novel, I decided to make this film," he explained.

"Unfortunately, in 2019, the film's production was halted due to the Covid and my involvement in 'JK 1971'. However, we have now resumed work, and hope to finish the filming soon," Fakhrul Arefeen revealed.

Shaon's journey in cinema began as a child artiste in Ibn Mizan's "Alal Dulal". She made her silver screen debut as a lead actress with Humayun Ahmed's "Shrabon Meghher Din". Following that, she went on to star in films, such as "Dui Duari," "Chandrokotha," "Shyamol Chhaya," and "Amar Achhe Jol." Although she stepped back from acting, she directed the film "Krishnopokkho", which was released in 2016.