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14 July 2024

Keya Payel shines in recent TV dramas

Artainment Reporter

Published: 08:00, 7 July 2024

Update: 08:02, 7 July 2024

Keya Payel shines in recent TV dramas

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Keya Payel, a popular actress of the current generation, has recently garnered significant viewer appreciation for her performances in several TV dramas. Her work during the past Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha seasons has been particularly well-received by audiences.

Notable among her recent performances are roles in ‘Rupkotha’ directed by Zakaria Shoukhin, ‘Mone Rekho Amay’ by Pathik Sadhon, ‘Moner Akashe Tumi’ by Mohidul Mohim, and ‘Milon Mala’ by Tuhin Hossain. These dramas featured Keya opposite actors Tausif Mahbub, Yash Rohan, Irfan Sajjad, and Jovan respectively.

Keya expressed her gratitude towards directors for offering her diverse and interesting roles. She emphasised the importance of good scripts and the collaborative effort of her co-stars in bringing characters to life. “I always try to act in dramas with good stories,” Keya said, adding that she's received positive feedback for each of her recent projects.

When asked about transitioning to cinema, Keya revealed that she's not fully prepared for big-screen roles yet. Despite having acted in a film titled ‘Indubala’ directed by Zoynal Abedin, where she starred opposite Ashik Chowdhury, Keya feels she needs more preparation before fully committing to cinema.

The actress also mentioned an upcoming drama titled ‘Dwidha’ (Dilemma), directed by Muhidul Mohim, where she'll be seen alongside Tausif Mahbub again.

Keya Payel's recent success in television dramas highlights her growing popularity and versatility as an actress in Bangladesh's entertainment industry.