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14 July 2024

‘TOMAR SATHE AARI’ gains popularity

Artainment Reporter

Published: 09:52, 10 July 2024

‘TOMAR SATHE AARI’ gains popularity

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Within just a few days, the drama 'Tomar Sathe Aari', directed by Ziauddin Alam, has created quite a stir among viewers. This drama stars the popular on-screen duo Niloy Alamgir and Samira Khan Mahi.

Written by Anamika Mondal, this drama was released on YouTube two weeks ago. In that time, it has been enjoyed by over 5 million viewers. Director Ziauddin Alam is extremely excited about the drama being enjoyed by so many viewers in such a short time.

Alam expressed his feelings by saying, "In one word, Niloy and Mahi have given an outstanding performance in this drama. Both of them cooperated with me tremendously during the shooting. Most importantly, both were very focused on their characters during the shoot. As a result, their exceptional acting in the drama has captivated the audience. As a maker, I am sincerely grateful to them."

Niloy said about the drama, "The story of this drama is quite interesting. I always enjoy working with Mahi. I especially like it when Mahi speaks in the Sylheti dialect because her dramas in Sylheti language are more popular. At first, I thought Mahi was a typecast actress, but that notion was broken after 'Jemon Jamai Temon Bou'. Since then, we have worked on many different types of stories. I'm also getting a good response for working on 'Tomar Sathe Aari'. Sincere gratitude to the director."

Mahi said, "Sincere gratitude to the audience for liking the drama. The audience liked it because the story was a bit different."

Among the notable dramas starring Niloy-Mahi are 'Akkash Ekhon America', 'Biye Ekta Magic', 'Tumito Amari', 'Amar Nayika', 'Side Character', 'Kolkatar Jamai', 'Mastan Number One', 'Dhakaiya Pola Sylheti Furi', and 'Eksathe'.