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21 July 2024

Drama ‘Kanta’ exploring corruption to be released Friday

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Published: 14:32, 11 July 2024

Update: 16:03, 11 July 2024

Drama ‘Kanta’ exploring corruption to be released Friday

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Bongo, a digital entertainment platform, is set to release its latest original drama, ‘Kanta’ (The Thorn), on Friday (11 July). Written and directed by Riyad Mahmud, ‘Kanta’ explores the pervasive issue of corruption in everyday offices, focusing on the story of a clerk who misuses his position for personal gain.

The recently released trailer on Bongo's social media platforms introduces the main character, Fazlu, portrayed by popular actor and director Sharaf Ahmed Zibon, said a press release.

Fazlu is a clerk who withholds people's files to extort bribes, thereby significantly improving his household's financial situation.

However, his life takes an unexpected turn when a fishbone gets lodged in his throat during a meal. The unfolding events promise to be both humorous and thought-provoking, urging viewers to question the real cost of corruption.

Mushfiqur Rahman Manzu, Bongo's Chief Content Officer, commented on the drama's relevance and appeal: “Kanta is a very timely story. Through humor, it highlights a harsh reality of today's society. Bongo always strives to bring unique and engaging stories to our audience. I believe the audience will relate very well to the story of ‘Kanta’.”

The cast of ‘Kanta’ also includes notable actors such as Solaiman Khoka, Twink Carol, Saiful Islam Rafi, and Sushma Sarkar, who bring depth and dynamism to their respective roles.

Viewers can catch the premiere of ‘Kanta’ tomorrow on the Bongo app and website.