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OTT is a platform for modern thoughts: Emon

Nisha Mahmuda

Published: 05:25, 30 May 2023

Update: 08:46, 30 May 2023

OTT is a platform for modern thoughts: Emon

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Mamnun Hasan Emon, who started his career by acting in the movie 'Daruchini Dwip' directed by Tauquir Ahmed in 2007, gained popularity on both the small and big screens. His film ‘Gohine Shobdo’ earned accolades at the International Film Festival, South Asian Film Festival, and Silent River Film Festival in 2010. May 28 was the actor's birthday. The actor spoke to Nisha Mahmuda of The Daily Messenger about his birthday and recent engagements. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

The Daily Messenger (TDM): What were your birthday plans?

Emon: The artists' association wanted to cut a cake to celebrate my birthday. Some of my senior brothers also wanted to celebrate with a cake. But I actually feel very shy about these things. Also, these don't appeal to me either. I always spend my birthday with my family. I did the same this time too. I stayed with them all day long. We went out for dinner and hung out.

TDM: What are you currently busy with?

Emon: As I am a film person, all of my planning and preparation revolve around film. Currently, there is a big plan for a film. I don't want to disclose anything before everything is fixed. Apart from all these, I am currently in talks with some advertising projects.

TDM: You had several movies on your hand, what is the update?

Emon: The filming for ‘Kanamachi’, directed by Anjan Aich, is over. The plot revolves around humor, adventure, and mystery. This film's dubbing has also been finished. Soon a release date will be selected. The shooting of the movie 'Nuliachorir Sonar Pahar' is over, and I will start dubbing in a few days. Additionally, all the work on the film ‘Biye Ami Korbo Na’ was completed. For the rest of my films, parts of the work were completed.

TDM: What kind of changes do you think have come in your works from 2007 to 2023?

Emon: Time has changed. Now, you have to be involved with work from beginning to end. In the past, if I wanted to do a movie, I would just sign and leave. But nowadays if I want to do any work, I sit to discuss first and do table work. In that case, now my involvement with work has increased compared to before. I think table work improves the quality of work.

TDM: Many people in showbiz have a negative idea about OTT, what is your opinion?

Emon: Now, times have changed. A lot of things need to be highlighted for a story. A director knows better how to present it. Many stories demand adult scenes. If all the OTT stories were adult content, then I would have spoken negatively about this platform. Recently, I watched ‘Mohanagar’ made by my favorite director Ashfaque Nipun. Really daring work. Good work can also be accomplished by showing bravery. OTT is a platform of modern thoughts, and our filmmakers are doing a lot of excellent work.