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None believed that I was a medical student : Misty Zannat

Nisha Mahmuda

Published: 04:18, 6 June 2023

None believed that I was a medical student : Misty Zannat

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Misty Zannat, one of the popular actresses in Dhallywood, started her journey in the industry with her movie ‘Love Station’ in 2014. Alongside being a film actress, she is also a dental surgeon. With her new movie ‘Fuljaan’ set to be released on June 16, the actress is making a comeback to the big screen after a long break. In an exclusive interview with Nisha Mahmuda of The Daily Messenger, she shared insights about her work experience and recent projects. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

The Daily Messenger (TDM): What are you busy with now?

Zannat: My new movie ‘Fuljaan’ will be released on June 16. Currently, I am busy with its promotion. Besides, I have signed a new film in India, but I am not allowed to disclose the movie's name.

TDM: How was your experience with 'Fuljaan'?

Zannat: The shooting of this movie started last year. Before making this movie, it mainly focused on various festivals and national film awards. I acted in this movie because they chose me for the title role. Overall, the work experience was quite good.

TDM: Tell us about some of the moments during the shoot of 'Fuljaan'? 

Zannat: Yes, I have a lot of funny memories from the shooting. But we had to shoot in scorching heat after enduring freezing cold. That's why I fell sick. I even had to work while suffering from a fever. When we were shooting in Pubail, it wasn't a place to stay due to the boiling heat. I used to shoot every day from home, so there was a rush of coming and going. Sometimes the situation was such that when I returned home, it was 6 am, even though our pack-up call was at 3 am. On the other hand, the call time was at 8 am, so I was only at home for 2 hours. After taking a shower and resting a little, I had to go out again.

TDM: What about your medical profession? How is it going?

Zannat: My clinic's name is 'Heaven Dental and Beauty Clinic’ and it is managed by seven people. Besides, I am going to open another clinic in Dubai. Overall, everything is going well.

TDM: We know that you are a doctor. How do you manage your time for acting?

Zannat: Everything is possible if you want it. When I was a student, it was very problematic because I had to attend classes regularly. That’s why I could not go to the shooting on time. My colleagues in the film industry felt irritated by that. Many of them did not want to believe that I was a medical student. They thought I was lying or making excuses. I didn't act in many movies due to scheduling complications. But now the situation has changed. I am not a student anymore, and I don't have to go to my own clinic every day. I only go on the day of appointments. So, I don’t face any problem managing time for shooting nowadays.


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