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Runa Khan shines in upcoming film ’Bok : The Soul of Nature’

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Published: 06:44, 27 August 2023

Runa Khan shines in upcoming film ’Bok : The Soul of Nature’

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National Film Award-winning actress Runa Khan is captivating audiences once again with her forthcoming movie titled 'Bok: The Soul of Nature' directed by the talented Masud Pathik. 
The film draws its inspiration from the timeless verses of Jibanananda Das' poem 'Aat Bochhor Agey Ekdin'.

In a remarkable feat, Masud Pathik has not only helmed the director's chair but has also penned the captivating story, screenplay, and dialogues of the movie. The highly regarded small-screen luminary, Runa Khan, graces the silver screen in the pivotal role of 'Sabita' in this cinematic masterpiece. The final clapperboard on the movie's shoot is set to drop on August 26.

Speaking about the movie, Runa Khan articulated, "At the core of this movie lies the profound philosophy of nature and life. I portray the character Suruj Dewan's wife. Director Masud Pathik ingeniously weaves together the saga of the Suruj family to narrate the captivating tale of nature's ethos. The film poignantly captures the essence of nature's beauty, its starkness, and its capriciousness, offering audiences a profound contemplation. Additionally, the movie provides a biographical glimpse into the director's life."

Adding further insight, Runa Khan expressed, "Shooting alongside the serene banks of the mighty Meghna River is a first-time experience for me. Amidst the joyous moments, there's an underlying apprehension of the unpredictable weather. The entire crew is weathering the challenges together, as the climate oscillates between bright sunshine and drizzling rain. Such conditions pose a formidable challenge for the filmmaking process. Nevertheless, the unyielding commitment of Director Masud Pathik has been a constant source of inspiration for us all.

This unwavering dedication fuels my optimism for the movie's success. I've poured my heart and soul into bringing my character to life."

Meanwhile, fans of Runa Khan eagerly await the release of her other projects: 'Dafon' directed by Kaushik Sankar Das, 'Neelpadma' directed by Taufiq Elahi, and 'Udhao' directed by Rubel Anush.

It's noteworthy that the actress continues to remain active in the teledrama realm, demonstrating her dedication to maintaining her physical prowess. She enticed viewers with her stellar performances in various teledramas during the festive occasion of Eid-ul-Azha.

In sum, Runa Khan's luminous presence in the upcoming film 'Bok: The Soul of Nature' promises to enrapture audiences with its poignant exploration of nature and existence, while her unwavering commitment to her craft continues to shine on both the big and small screens.


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