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29 May 2024

Antu Kareem’s ‘Passenger’ won the Best Story award of European Film Festival

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Published: 10:00, 18 September 2023

Antu Kareem’s ‘Passenger’ won the Best Story award of European Film Festival

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Antu Kareem, a nationwide popular name of our media industry uncovers a hidden gem amongst young and talented filmmakers of Bangladesh, namely, Evan Monawar. This young filmmaker won the Best Story award in short films category of European Film Festival at Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka with short film ‘Passenger’ presented by Youth Global Foundation.

Antu Kareem, the owner of Pentagon Films produced short film ‘Passenger’ directed by Evan Monawar. Antu Kareem patronized this project as he believed the story has a unique spark to it and it portrays reality in reels. Last 18 February, the shooting of ‘Passenger’ was done in real locations of Dhaka. The entire night was used for shooting as the script demanded. The producer Antu Kareem did not compromise in the making of the film and provided all logistics to complete it.

Once again, Antu Kareem marks his place in our industry as a patron like he did years ago with the critically acclaimed film ‘Common Gender - The Film’.

Antu Kareem believes that this story will correlate with the common people of our Dhaka city as he plans to release the film very soon for the audience on a renowned OTT platform of our country.