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Magic icon Ali Raj, elevating the nation’s magical artistry

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Published: 07:36, 26 December 2023

Magic icon Ali Raj, elevating the nation’s magical artistry

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Ali Raj, the magic icon of the country, has been consistently elevating the nation's magical artistry to the global stage, hailing from a prestigious background. He made his mark in the country in 1995, presenting a glamorous and skillful showmanship that merged the richness of magic into a single entity. He blends the art of magic with various fashion shows and modern dances.

His adeptness in magic has been showcased on television, various embassies, multinational companies, and at familial and cultural events, establishing himself as a shining star in the realm of magic.

Ali Raj remarks, "Many believe magic is purely supernatural, but it's much more—a skilled application of finesse. Day by day, the world's interest in magic is growing. This innovative artist has brought about many new additions to the country's event culture."

Ali Raj established the country's first and only international-standard magic auditorium with a 350-seat capacity, housed within the Fantasy Island Park in Diabari. In 2003, he founded the Magicians' Society of Bangladesh, with magician Jewel Aich currently serving as its president.

In 2005, when the country's local magicians were overshadowed by international performers, he took a singular initiative. He hosted a three-day international magic festival and workshop at the Shilpakala Academy, featuring the top magicians from seven countries, aiming to spotlight the overlooked talents among the country's magicians.

His international recognition in the field of magic began in 2005 when he received the Golden Wizard award from the renowned American magician Franz Harary, earning him the esteemed title of Bangladesh's Magic Icon. In 2007, his show, jointly aired on the same channel, won the hearts of numerous Chinese viewers, contributing 89 million yuan earned in Chinese currency to aid children afflicted with rare diseases in Louis Ng's foundation.

In 2009, he was the sole group organizer invited from Bangladesh for the FISM Olympic of Magic in Beijing, subsequently becoming the President of the Bangladesh branch of the Asian Magic Association.

In 2011, Ali Raj was honored with the prestigious 'Merlin Award' from the International Magicians Society in America. In 2012, he was elected as the President of the Bangladesh branch, integrating Bangladesh with the significant European organization, AISM, establishing a global connection.