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Kites market hits up in Old Dhaka for Shakrain

Asadul Islam

Published: 13:18, 12 January 2024

Kites market hits up in Old Dhaka for Shakrain

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The last day of Poush month of the Bengali year is known as 'Poush Sangkranti'. On this day, 'Shakrain Festival' is celebrated in Old Dhaka. The locals also refer to this festival as the 'Kite Festival'.

Shakrain is a vivid kite festival with fire breathing, fireworks, paper balloons, food festivals, and more. Since the Mughal era, this part of the city has hosted this festival.

As this Sunday (14 January) is the last of day Poush month, the Old Dhaka will observe the 'Shakrain' festival, the kite market is bustling now for selling kites and yarn. In the stores, colourful kites in a variety of shapes are set out. There are kits ranging in price from 5 taka to 100 or more. During this season, retailers of other goods also display kites for sale in their stores.

A kite buyer, Md. Siam, said, Shakrain is the tradition of our old Dhaka. I bought twenty-five kites. On Shakrain Day, I will fly kites on the roof of the house. On this day, kite flying and thread spinning are played in the afternoon. That's why I came here to buy.

Safayat Islam, a teenager, comes to buy kites from Malitola. He said that he bought kites for himself yesterday and came today to buy kites for his girlfriend. He said that, from our childhood, we have celebrated this day in a festive mood. Various types of cake are made in our home, and we fly kites in the evening.

Baidyanath Sarkar, a kite seller in Shankaribazar, said, kites are being sold more or less throughout the year. Some bought it to decorate the event. But the main reason for selling kites is this Shakrain festival. The whole year's sales are exceeded at this time.

Another Kite seller Narayan said, "I have kites of different prices, starting at ten rupees. There is one more day left for Shakrain, so the sales have increased. People of all ages come to buy kites.

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