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Enam Ul Haque’s two new books on birds

Gazi Munsur Aziz

Published: 11:33, 1 November 2023

Enam Ul Haque’s two new books on birds

Enam Ul Haque’s two new books

Ornithologist Enam Ul Haque's new book Sonar Palok Diya Tin Konnar Biye (Three Daughters Married with Golden Feathers). It is basically a bird story book for children and teenagers. Before this he has written many books on birds. In those books, various information about birds, research, funny stories about birds, memories, childhood stories about birds, the subject of birds in art and literature, folk tales about birds or scientific things about birds have come up. But this book is completely different. This is a story book about birds. However, he also wrote his previous books in the style of stories. But this time he told the story. These stories also have a special feature. And that is that the stories are a lot of 'moral stories'. But everyone will have fun reading the stories.

There are 15 stories in the book. Each story is funny and moral. That is, he wanted to give a message in the stories. The message is about the different aspects of the relationship between birds and humans. In fact, the history of the relationship between birds and humans is very old. As humans have love for birds, the contribution of birds to humans is also not less. Hearing the melodious voice of the bird, people fell in love with the bird. Again, people learned to invent airplanes by watching the flight of birds. Even in ancient times, people used birds to exchange letters. On the other hand, human friendship with birds is not less. All in all, birds have always been beneficial friends of humans or nature. On the other hand, many people have made this beneficial friend their food item. Or used for their own interests. As a result, as people love birds, some people also have animosity towards birds. But the bottom line is that greed never produces good results. And this is the message that Enam Ul Haque wants to give through the relationship between birds and humans and the stories of this book are telling that.

The titles of the stories are very interesting. Sonar Palok Diya Tin Konnar Biye (Three Daughters Married with Golden Feathers), 21 endangered pigeons and friendly rats, Foolish watercress will be panikak, United vultures are quarrelsome housewives, Birds nest on the beach sand, Eagle and giant snake conflict and heat, Crow and parrot a day of friendship, Cuckoo's kuhutan prince's neck, precious Pets are as precious as wild birds, Chakrabak's speech in Nishadgram, the same pattern of flight of swans and tortoises, the great contribution of birds is the fertile land of golden rice, crows bring pearls in mourning, those who understand the language of birds, those who benefit living beings, the duck that catches the flying arrow is the king. Meaning 'Hansraj'.

The first story in the book is called, Sonar Palok Diya Tin Konnar Biye (Three Daughters Married with Golden Feathers). The point of the story is that a bird had a golden feather in its body. But gold has no price in the world of birds. But gold has a price to people. Three sisters in a village loved the bird very much. The bird thought that the three sisters were like his three daughters. So the bird gave its three golden feathers to the three sisters. Seeing the feathers, the mother of three daughters thought, she wants all her feathers. So one day the mother and three daughters caught the bird and plucked all its feathers. But in the end it turned out that the torn feathers were not gold.

Readers will find such great things in all the stories of the book. Accompanied by beautiful colorful pictures and illustrations. The book is published by Baatighar. Cover and decoration done by Mamun Hossain. The price of this book of 64 pages is BDT 600.

Apart from this, another book of Enam Ul Haque published recently is 'Pakhi-Chhora'. This is a book of rhymes about birds. This book is jointly written by Enam Ul Haque and Zemrina Haque. There are total 40 rhymes in the book. With beautiful colorful pictures of birds. Photos by Enam Ul Haque. The book is published by Tuntuni Prokashan. Cover and decoration done by Dhruba Esh . The price of this book of 48 pages is BDT 400.

In addition to Sonar Palok Diya Tin Konnar Biye (Three Daughters Married with Golden Feathers) and 'Pakhi-Chhora', Enam Ul Haque's other books for children and teenagers include 'Pakhider Sukhdukhar Katha (The Story of Joy And Sorrows of Birds) '; 'Bangoma-Bangomir Mato Kato Pakhi (Birds like Bangoma-Bangomi); Ruposhi Banglar pakhi (Birds of Ruposhi Bangla); Fuler Pashe Pokkhe Ase (Birds come next to flowers); Apart from this, the book Pakhider-o Ache Naki Mon (Do Birds Have a Mind); is a good read for everyone, young and old. He also wrote 'Fieldguide of Birds of Bangladesh'. Plant and animal cells (birds) of Bangladesh have come out under his writing and editing. Apart from this, his book on birds written in English - FEATHERED SPLENDOURS BIRDS of Bangladesh.

He received the 'Bangla Academy Meher Kabir Vigyan Sahitya Award 2021' for writing; 'City Bank-Tarupallab Dwijen Sharma Award 2021'; Government's 'National Environment Medal 2022' and 'Bangabandhu Award 2018' for contribution to nature conservation.

Bangladesh Bird Club founder Enam Ul Haq has spent a large part of his life in bird watching, bird photography and bird research. He traveled from one end of the country to the other to see birds. He also went to different countries of the world to see birds. Bird census has been conducted in Bangladesh for more than three decades under his leadership. Apart from this, he is involved in various researches related to birds, including wearing rings on the legs of birds, attaching satellites to the wings of birds, bird fairs and bird photography exhibitions. Apart from this, he has also designed several postage stamps with his own photographs of birds.

Apart from bird watching and research, he is also famous as a traveler. He has visited many countries of the world including the North Pole. Apart from this, he founded the 'Bangla Mountaineering and Trekking Club (BMTC)' to popularize the practice of mountaineering in Bangladesh. Meanwhile two members of this club M A Mohit and Nishat Majumder have conquered the world's highest peak Everest. Apart from this, another member Sajal Khaled (Mohammad Khaled Hossain ) died on the way down after conquering Everest.

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