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GE HealthCare launches a new refurbishing unit in Bangladesh

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Published: 17:58, 24 April 2024

GE HealthCare launches a new refurbishing unit in Bangladesh

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GE HealthCare, a leading global provider of healthcare technologies, On Wednesday (24 April) announced the launch of its A1- Sure refurbishing ultrasound systems facility in Bangladesh.  The facility aims to bring advanced diagnostic and clinical technologies closer to the rural population residing in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities that are underserved. Refurbishing units enable repurposing of medical equipment, which significantly improves access to quality care to a larger demographic, while also contributing to the environment sustainability goals.

As part of the A1 - Sure initiative, the organization offers high-quality aftermarket affordable ultrasound equipment, complete with 259 inspections and quality checks, equipped with 1-year warranty and financing options. By establishing a facility in Bangladesh, GE HealthCare is looking at offering reliable, safe, and affordable healthcare solutions to healthcare providers beyond the key metro cities of Dhaka and Chittagong. The refurbishing unit in Bangladesh would require skilled workforce and technical expertise. This presents an opportunity for capacity building and local employment generation.   

Chaitanya Sarawate, President and CEO, GE HealthCare South Asia said, “Bangladesh is one of the key markets for us in South Asia and our launch of the A1 – Sure unit is a strategic move towards building a resilient healthcare system in the country. The venture aligns with the goal of enabling wider access to quality care, enhancing diagnostic capabilities, promoting sustainability, and fostering local market development. With this launch we hope to enable equitable access to quality care throughout the country, with far-reaching benefits for Bangladesh’s healthcare ecosystem.

Anup R. Kumar, Business Head- Ultrasound, GE HealthCare South Asia commented, “Bangladesh's medical diagnostic market system faces a challenge of urban-rural imbalance in healthcare. With A1-sure we aim to offer diagnostic capabilities, which can be crucial for early detection and treatment of various medical conditions. Healthcare providers can thereby enhance their diagnostic capabilities, leading to better patient outcomes. This unit will also help in capacity building and local employment. This A1-Sure refurbishing unit is of strategic significance for the brand, with potential population and economic impact for the country.”

GE HealthCare has a strong footprint in metro cities in Bangladesh working with major private and public healthcare institutes. Since its inception in 1998, GE HealthCare has been present in Bangladesh and committed to technological advancement and healthcare provision in the country. Over the past 25 years, the organization have extended footprint across Bangladesh and contributed to the transformation of medical diagnostics and treatment landscape across the nation. The organization will continue to strengthen its operations in the key metro markets in the country. The commercial operations for the new A1 – Sure unit is expected to begin by May 2024.