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24 June 2024

21 May World Meditation Day

Gazi Munsur Aziz

Published: 13:49, 20 May 2024

21 May World Meditation Day

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Meditation is an exercise of the mind. Specific practice of sitting in silence increases focus and awareness. Positive attitude is created by controlling the will of the mind. In addition to increasing feelings of calmness and happiness, deep self-absorption awakens self-power from within. And this awakening of the heart can have a positive effect on the overall life. Therefore, more than 50 million people around the world practice meditation regularly. World Meditation Day is being celebrated on Tuesday (21 May) keeping in view the spread of meditation in medicine, education, creative initiatives everywhere.

Quantum Foundation is the main sponsor of Meditation Day in our country. The day is being celebrated in a festive atmosphere on Tuesday 21 May like every year by the initiative of this voluntary organization. There will be a special program at the National Press Club premises at 6 am. Journalists, media personalities, doctors, teachers, students, businessmen, housewives and hundreds of people of different ages will come together in the hour-long event. A children's rhyme and story competition has been organized on the occasion of the day. Apart from this, a special bulletin has been published by Quantum on the importance and benefits of meditation. Apart from the capital, all over the country at the same time at 6 in the morning and abroad Bangladeshi people in different places including Europe, America, France will be meditating on the day.

The importance of meditation in developing self-strength, curing disease, achieving success or peace is now a proven fact. Regular practice awakens the positive being within a person. Regular practice reduces anger, anger, sadness, depression, tension, stress or mental stress. Attitude changes from negativity to positivity. The mind becomes congruent. As a result family professional social relationships become more beautiful. And with such practical effectiveness, meditation has become an alternative method of healing, a surefire way to success, and a go-to technique for relaxation around the world. In keeping with the world, millions of people in Bangladesh are making their lives meaningful by doing meditation.

Heart disease, cancer, lung complications, liver cirrhosis and other diseases are rooted in tension or stress. Meditation is now popular worldwide for stress relief. Doctors in hundreds of US hospitals are training patients in yoga and meditation as a preventative measure to combat stress. Professor Dr. founder of Mind Body Medical Institute in Boston. Herbert Benson, in his book 'Breakout Principal', explains how a person can peak their mental abilities by relaxing the mind.

This year's day is being celebrated with the theme of 'Good people, good country, heaven, Bangladesh'. It is the need of the hour to spread meditation among the masses to make the country a paradise with good thinking, good speaking, good doing and good living. Expectations of Meditation Day, through regular practice, meditation will eventually spread from house to house including educational institutions. And with regular practice, this country will be transformed into a healthy, active, disciplined and humane society.