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Ad-din provides cheapest ambulance services for TK 380

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Published: 06:33, 6 August 2023

Update: 10:48, 6 August 2023

Ad-din provides cheapest ambulance services for TK 380

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Ad-Din Medical College Hospital, is providing ambulance service at the lowest fare in the capital Dhaka, for only TK 380, within its mapped area, for emergency patients including pregnant women. If it is within three kilometers from the Ad-Din hospital, the cost is Tk 200, and the area covers Technical, Mirpur-2, Mirpur-10, Sainik Club, Kuril, Badda Notun bazar, Badda Main road, Meradia Bazar, Basabo Kodomtola bridge, Nandipara bridge, Zanapoder mor, Dayaganj, English road, Nazira Bazar, Hazaribag, Mohammadpur Beribadh at a cost of Tk 380. 

And if the patient take rent of the ambulance service to hospitals, the cost is Tk 520. go other If anyone calls, a trained driver of ambulance service will take the patient.to the doctor concerned. Ad-Din Sakina Medical College Hospital in Moghbazar, already has gained a reputation for providing advanced medical services at low cost. Besides, the ambulance service also caught everyone's attention.

Ad-Din has also increased the number of ambulances at 112 considering the demand to get services easily at doorsteps, said Prof Dr Nahid Yasmin, director general (Hospital and Nursing) of the hospital, added that our ambulance can go to all streets of Dhaka because of its small size. "The ambulance has oxygen facilities and necessary emergencyequipment. As a result, the patient is much safer in the ambulance," said Nahid Yasmin. Stating that there are 53 ambulances in Dhaka's Moghbazar, she said that if anyone calls the ambulance.

center, an ambulance is sent from the nearest place through the GPS system. Regarding the service at only Tk 380, she said, only the fuel cost is charged to the patient. But it is much less than the cost.

These ambulances of Suzuki-Maruti model will cost Tk 30 per kilometer outside the specified area Ambulance service has been introduced at low cost so that everyone can avail the low-cost ambulance service The aim is to provide 24 hours service.

Hotline for Ambulance Service 10610. One can also call on 01713-48841 and 01713-488412.

Abu Said Molla, manager of the hospita in charge of the ambulance center, said that they have ambulances at 13 spots in Dhaka city. He said that the plan to keep two

ambulances standby in each police station area is under process, and everyone's cooperation is needed in this regard.

Ambulance drivers are given incentives on the basis of service and their problems are listened to and resolved.