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23 April 2024

Foreign Journalists in China experience art of seal cutting

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Published: 22:36, 3 April 2024

Foreign Journalists in China experience art of seal cutting

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Foreign journalists from the Asia-Pacific, Eurasia, Arab, Central, and Eastern Europe regions gained hands-on experience with Chinese seal cutting, a unique form of Chinese art.

Originated in China and later spreading across East Asia, seal cutting, also known as seal engraving refers to cutting a design into the bottom face of the seal.

China International Press Communication Centre, an initiative of the China Public Diplomacy Association, organised a programme 'Introduction to the Traditional Culture' in Beijing.

In 2009, Chinese seal cutting was inscribed on the list of world intangible cultural heritage.

Chanthey Roeurn, a Cambodian reporter from DAP News, told UNB that he had no experience in this field, but he found the activity so enjoyable.

Arman Korzhumbayev, Executive Editor from DKNews.kz Media from Kazakhstan, also said making traditional Chinese seals by hand is an incredible experience that allows one to immerse themselves in the rich culture and history of China. Creating seals requires patience and skill, but each step is filled with the satisfaction of creativity.

"Working with materials and tools that have been used for centuries to make seals gives a sense of connection to the past. This experience not only teaches one to create beautiful and unique seals but also immerses them in the world of Chinese culture and traditions," he said.

Three bronze seals were found in the ruins of Yinxu in Anyang, Henan Province, proving that Chinese seals were produced no later than the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC–1046 BC).

During the Shang Dynasties (1600 BC–1046), the seal was a symbol of status and power.

One of the masterpieces of the ancient seals during the pre-Qin period (2100 BC–221 BC).

During the Song and Yuan Dynasties (10th–14th centuries), literati participated in the design and engraving of seals, and then the art of seal cutting, which integrates calligraphy, painting, and literature, came into being.

Writing characters, designing patterns, and cutting are the three key points of seal cutting. Learning the method of creating ancient characters can help one understand the beauty of Chinese characters.

"Ancient character" refers to the script created and used in ancient times.

In China, it refers to the Chinese characters of the seal script system handed down before the Qin Dynasty.

Such as oracle bone inscriptions, bronze inscriptions (Zhongding Wen), stone-drum inscriptions, and tadpole inscriptions.