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25 July 2024

Netanyahu won’t agree to a deal that ends the war in Gaza

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Published: 16:04, 24 June 2024

Netanyahu won’t agree to a deal that ends the war in Gaza

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The viability of a U.S.-backed proposal to wind down to long eight month war in Graz strip was cast into doubt on Monday (24 June).

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would only be willing to agree to a “partial” cease-fire deal that would not end the war, comments that sparked an uproar from families of hostages held by Hamas.

In an interview broadcast late Sunday on Israeli Channel 14, a conservative, pro-Netanyahu station, the Israeli leader said he was “prepared to make a partial deal this is no secret, that will return to us some of the people,” referring to the roughly 120 hostages still held in the Gaza Strip.

“But we are committed to continuing the war after a pause, in order to complete the goal of eliminating Hamas. I’m not willing to give up on that.”

Netanyahu’s comments did not deviate dramatically from what he has said previously about his terms for a deal. But they come at a sensitive time as Israel and Hamas appear to be moving further apart over the latest cease-fire proposal, and they could represent another setbac

Netanyahu’s comments stood in sharp contrast to the deal that detailed late last month by U.S. President Joe Biden, who framed the plan as an Israeli one and which some in Israel refer to as “Netanyahu’s deal.” His remarks could, further obtained his aggrement its top ally, which launched a major diplomatic push for the latest cease-fire proposal.