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Socio-Economic Development in Bangladesh and The Role of Ansar & VDP

Published: 16:40, 18 November 2023

Update: 07:17, 19 November 2023

Socio-Economic Development in Bangladesh and The Role of Ansar & VDP

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Bangladesh Ansar & Village Defence force is one of the most well disciplined ,Public oriented & well-organised forces in the country. This force has a glorious role in Socio- Economic development & protection of law and order. As the largest public & well-disciplined force of about 61 Lakh members , it is contributing to the overall development of the country by performing its duties with utmost efficiency & professionalism. Since its establishment in 1948, the members of this force have been working like a vigilant with their dedicated lives , with the vow of service to the country & humanity. The country's largest army is a reality of the steps taken by the government through socio-economic development Accelerating sustainable development with donations. Working tirelessly to increase social security of people and ensure social respect. Apart from processing small and cottage industries, technology-based industries, agriculture and agro- based industries etc.

It has imparted training to about 10 lakh 81 thousand 785 trainees in the last 10 years through basic training, subject oriented, technical training programs conducted throughout the year to make them self-employment oriented. It continues to make important contribution to socio- economic development including welfare of the backward, deprived, poor and troubled communities, economic liberation and empowerment of women.

The members of this force are working everywhere to protect the peace and order of the country by participating in public security, on the other hand, about 50 percent of the total workforce are women members and through about 140 training programs conducted throughout the year, about lakhs of women are empowered every year through financial empowerment, voluntary service, entrepreneurs and Self- employment opportunities are created. Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Force have already organised various district-wise training programs including the formation of 2 Technical Training Centre’s (VTCs) in order to develop women as entrepreneurs and workers.

Through sector-based training programs in handicrafts, garment product processing, cottage industries, etc. The income disparity between women and men is decreasing along with the creation of employment opportunities for women, which is playing a special role in achieving economic liberation including the growth of income in family and social public life and gradually alleviating poverty in the country. Efforts have been made to gradually build women entrepreneurs-friendly separate organisations across the country through the marketing and marketing of products and services produced by small women entrepreneurs scattered all over the country. More than 55 thousand affiliated Ansar members are employed in government, private, semi-government and other institutions across the country by joining the army as an affiliated Ansar after receiving the basic training of general Ansar. Every year, along with the growth of the organisations, the number of affiliated Ansar members is also increasing.

As a result, employment opportunities are being created for the less educated unemployed youth along with the increase in institutional security, trained manpower. About 58 lakh voluntary and stipend members - village-based security, 600 Hill Ansar in hill area security, 383 special Ansar with the cooperation of police under various police stations of 35 districts, 60 1,375 Upazila/Thana Ansar Company Commanders (Male), 1,46,208 Union Ansar Platoon Commanders (Male), 9,138 Union Team Leaders and Team Leaders, 6,910 Ward Team Leaders and Team Leaders, and a large number of manpower in the overall public security of the country is engaged.

Trained manpower and participation in disaster response as well as response steps are going on in the background of socio-economic development. In spite of the goodwill of the rural unemployed, lower-middle class, and the poor, largely due to the lack of necessary capital, they failed to take effective steps to improve their fortunes. On January 10, the Bangladesh Government launched a special banking service called "Ansar-VDP Development Bank" which provides micro-loans at low interest rates to members. Under the project named, all categories of professional people at the grassroots level have created opportunities to provide small loans in various sectors without collateral. Also, through the purchase of banking shares at a low price, the bank became the owner of the bank and gained the reputation of 'Poor's Bank with the money of the poor. The members of Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Forces are working non-stop to protect peace and order and public safety in all areas of the country including the World Ijtema, international trade fairs and suppressing militancy and terrorism in the Rohingya camps in the mountainous region. As part of socio- economic development and social security of the country, Battalion Ansar members conducted mobile court/anti-counterfeit operations under the District Magistrate, including depositing large sums of money in the government treasury through challans for National Assembly elections, by- elections, city corporations, municipalities, upazilas, union parishads and A total of 28 lakh 33 thousand 731 integrated Ansar members and 23 thousand 654 battalion Ansar members served in the protection of law and order in the last 10 years in the Zilla Parishad elections. Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Forces of the country use this great slogan: Krira Shakti, Kriraai Ball.

Sports has been established as one of the tools in socio-economic development across the country. Sports is a chapter of socio-economic development that brings multi-dimensional changes in the thinking and consciousness of the young generation and integrates their own talent, imagination and efforts, which is not limited to individuals, families or society. It is playing an outstanding role in globalization and growth. It is the strong commitment of this force to work on drug prevention including prevention of militancy and above all the development of the poor, backward and disadvantaged ethnic groups of this country, economic liberation and socio- economic development including empowerment of women and presenting Bangladesh as a role model in the stage of the world.

Md Juel Rana ( BCS Ansar), Assistant Director, 4 Ansar Battalion, Ruma, Bandarban