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Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Force in building Smart Bangladesh

Md Juel Rana

Published: 03:11, 5 December 2023

Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Force in building Smart Bangladesh

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Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Force is one of the largest forces in the world. About 61 lakh members of this force are working with great success. In this modern era of information technology, this force is playing an active role in becoming smart participants. Today, Bangladesh is advancing at an unstoppable speed in the era of the fourth industrial revolution that came along the path of innovation of digital technology.

The implementation of "Digital Bangladesh" promised by the incumbent government has been largely completed. After the implementation of Digital Bangladesh, the government's new goal is “Smart Bangladesh.” The future Smart Bangladesh will be cost effective, sustainable, knowledge based, intelligent and innovative. That is, all work will be Smart.

Today's world is a technology dependent modern world. To keep pace with the rest of the world, there is no chance of lagging behind in technology. There is no alternative to innovating technology as well as acquiring skills and applying those technologies correctly and as planned. Smart Bangladesh is the conviction to build a developed country by using this innovative technology to reach the doorstep of the people. In the 9th National Assembly election manifesto, the current government promises a digital Bangladesh based on technology. The entire country including the new generation welcomed the idea. Although the concept of Digital Bangladesh is completely new to the countrymen, the current government has implemented it after a century.

The term "Digital Bangladesh" was first coined on December 12, 2008, in Awami League's election manifesto. The main goal of this plan was, a developed country, prosperous digital society, digital age population, transformed production system, new knowledge-based economy, above all building a knowledge and technology-based country. Smart Bangladesh naturally means a state-building process based on technology that is clean and transparent and without civil harassment, where every citizen will get a golden opportunity to guarantee their rights and fulfil their duties.

Building a Smart Economy: After being recognised as a developing country in 2021, the government of Bangladesh has set a goal of eradicating poverty and becoming a prosperous developed country by 2041 and to achieve the target, a plan to form 100 special economic zones has been taken. These Special Economic Zones have smart security measures for foreign direct investment or domestic investment. This security gap can be met by skilled and trained manpower of 61 lakh members of Ansar and Village Defence Forces. Besides, the huge manpower of village defence forces spread across rural Bengal can be harnessed to create a smart economy by imparting technical training. As a result, the implementation of the "village will be a city" plan will also be easy.

Building Smart Citizens: A large number of volunteer members of Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Force are provided with various technical and project training aimed at creating awareness, increasing efficiency, creating employment etc.Different training is being conducted by Bangladesh Ansar & VDP for making smart citizen. Like - sealai & Fashion design, Motor driving mechanics, Basic Computer, Automecanics, Welding, Plumbing & Pipe fittings, Building construction, Tiles fitting & Others.

Building Smart Government: Bangladesh has already transformed into "Digital Bangladesh" through the successful implementation of 2021. As a result, the foundation of the smart government plan adopted by the present government by 2041 is firmly rooted. Digital government developed through things like e- governance, Union Digital Centre, e- documents, citizen charter will be required to turn it into a smart government through technological excellence. Technically skilled manpower is needed. The issues of skilled manpower at the marginal level are really the first thing that comes to our mind about 58 lakh trained villageers.

Formation of Smart Society: Smart society will be developed with smart citizen, smart economy and smart government. And the role of Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Force is essential in forming these three issues. Apart from the four main foundations, Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Forces can play a role in building Smart Bangladesh in various ways.

Development of the Sunil economy: Currently, one of the regulators of global politics is sea- based trade. In the 21st century, therefore, the concept of Sunil economics has been placed at the centre of development. Bangladesh government has also specified 28 sectors for the development of green economy. Among them, the significant sectors are - maritime transport, sea ports, coastal greening and conservation, tourism, marine energy resources, etc. In addition, 90 percent of Bangladesh's trade is done by sea, so the development of the green economy will be one of the drivers of building a smart Bangladesh.

Implementation of Delta Plan: For the first time in the history of Bangladesh, a centenary- term step taken is the Delta Plan 2100 Smart Bangladesh, which requires sustainable environmental management, water resources management and measures to deal with climate- related crises. This goal will be achieved through the implementation of the first and second phase of BEEP Plan 2100. At present VDPs are given special training in dealing with climate related disasters. Over time, VDP can be integrated into this long- term development plan by providing appropriate training in coordination with delta planning. Inclusion of Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Force is very necessary for this plan to succeed.

Ansar forces provide security of valuable materials by looking at Metrorail, Bangabandhu Tunnel  etc. Besides, after the inauguration of Padma Bridge Metrorail, general Ansar is also engaged in the security work of these mega projects, Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Forces got the responsibilities to ensure the safety of the mega projects. Such mega projects will be helpful to become Smart Bangladesh
Context of Globalisation: Globalisation is a combination of modern political and economic agenda. A set of principles is meant by which money, capital and army are the principal means. It is convenient for the developed world, but challenging for underdeveloped or developing countries. Ethical and economic analysts have highlighted the security crisis due to the impact of globalisation.

There is no alternative to proactively dealing with globalisation in building a smart Bangladesh. In solving the crisis caused by globalisation, Bangladesh can play a role towards Ansar and village Difence force in this case, different specialised and trained people can be formed focusing on other liberation flows, development of technology and development of tourism etc. The security blanket will be widened if well- trained Ansar like tourist police, industrial police are made.

Ensuring Human Security: The issue of human security has brought many changes in the developed world. Previously, the concept of security was related to the traditional military, but in the modern world, various security related to political rights, environment, health etc, are also being considered seriously. To meet Bangladesh's goals of ensuring quality security, a smart Ansar force requires. Ansar cadre officers currently recruited through it to complete a one- year post- vocational degree called Masters in Human Security as part of their basic training, the academic program of which is conducted under Dhaka University. . Over time, this type of training can be imparted to other members of the force, and the force plays an important role in ensuring human security.

Implementing Sustainable Development (SDG) Goal: By meeting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

By 2030, the vision is to build a poverty- free Bangladesh where people's daily needs are met as well as environmental issues are given importance. The primary goal of the government is to fulfil the SDG targets in the construction of Bangladesh because the first half of the implementation of Vision 2041 will be spent on the implementation of sustainable development goals. Poverty, hunger eradication, sustainable cities, sustainable environment, gender equality, education, good health etc. In each case there is direct involvement of Ansar and Village Defence Forces, through training that has the potential to be more effective.

Addressing the Fourth Industrial Revolution: The concept of the Fourth Industrial Revolution was first proposed by Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, in his book The Fourth Industrial Revolution came to the attention.

Defining the fourth industrial revolution in 2015, Klaus Schwab said that the fourth industrial revolution is the modernisation of the production system through the constant innovation of digital technology. If we can match this huge force of about 61 lakh members with the technological excellence of artificial intelligence, quantum mechanics, robotics, etc., Bangladesh will be able to enjoy the full success of demographic dividend and the process of transforming from a developing country to a developed smart country will be smooth and integrated.

At present technical training like auto-mechanics and basic computer is the same but the ultimate goal will be achieved only if its scope is increased. Everyone must participate in this inexorable progress of the future. A large part of our population is young manpower. A new Bangladesh will get a new generation only if they can be skilled and qualified.

The writer is Assistant Director, 4 Ansar Battalion, Ruma, Bandarban


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