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Declaration of Bangladesh Parliamentary election schedule

Sujayendra Das

Published: 04:30, 8 December 2023

Update: 06:34, 8 December 2023

Declaration of Bangladesh Parliamentary election schedule

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The parliamentary election schedule for the 12th Bangladesh Parliamentary election has been declared by the honourable chief election commissioner of the nation, Kazi Habibul Awal, during the evening hours of November 15, 2023.

It is a great relief for the entire nation. The election has been scheduled on January 7, 2024. In all, around 10 to 12 parties will be participating in this 12th parliamentary election. There were severe humdrums prior to the declaration of the schedule. This has spiked off a wide range of worries among the citizens of this rising South Asian nation. Within a span of four months or a little more, it is expected that the schedule for Indian parliamentary elections is likely to be declared. Already, a good amount of action has began with full force and gusto within the Union government circles based in the Indian capital city. Anyhow, the declaration of the Bangladesh parliamentary election will have a good impact on the Indian election. Especially in Indian states like West Bengal and also among the entire Assam and North Indian states of India. This is also well known as the seven sisters’ state. Now coming to the Bangladesh election I feel that the election schedule has been declared after a lot of humdrums.

Even neighbouring Indian citizens passed off worrisome moments. Now we are all relieved. As per the constitution of Bangladesh, interprets, entire constitutional responsibilities will be under EC’s control. As per the constitutional expert of the nation, it is deciphered that government has to act as per the guidelines of EC authorities. Now in the subsequent paragraph, it is my humble responsibility it is my humble task to introspect about the impact of election schedules in the pre-phase and subsequent post-phase, respectively.

Basically, there are five major parties in Bangladesh parliament. Such as Awami League, Bangladesh Nationalist Party, Jatiyo Party, Trinamool B.N.P., Gano Sangati Forum etc. Other parties expected to be in the fray in the upcoming election are Workers Party of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Kalyan Party, Bangladesh Communist Party, Jatiyo Samajtrantik Dal etc. It is estimated that around 1200 crore voters will be in the fray for the year 2024 parliamentary elections. During the upcoming election of the year 2024 it is estimated that around 400 candidates will be in the fray. Among the above figures, an estimated 50 seats are reserved for women members. In the election, there are many faces expected to be given nomination.

As the schedule for the parliamentary elections have been declared on January 7, 2024. The honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazed will be in a position to counteract multiple challenges. During the current regime, she has performed remarkably. On the economic front, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazed has earned innumerable plaudits from across the nation, as well as from neighbouring India and other parts of the globe. But still she has to counteract new challenges which will arise when new government is formed. The population of this rising South Asian nation has risen upto  nearly 20 crores. Though poverty levels has come down. But it is still within 18%. This has to be arrested at any cost. I am sure Sheikh Hasina Wazed as Prime Minister of the new government of Bangladesh will try her level best to bring it down.

During the past couple of days, we have noted from close quarters that there were severe political disturbances raged upon by key opposition parties, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party. Along with BNP, there are many opposition parties with a closer ideology, with the above also ably supported the strike. On account of the strike, the economy of the nation came to a grinding halt. However, as the election schedule has been declared by the honourable chief election commissioner Kazi Habibul in a nationwide telecast during the evening hours of November 15. There was a sigh of relief among the citizens of the nation as well as that of neighbouring India. However, without any trace of doubt, the role of India stands of as paramount importance. Though publicly it is not known but India sincerely cherishes a peaceful and fair election on January 7, 2024. I have spoken to some prominent citizens of Dhaka. They also expressed their utmost satisfaction with the declaration of the date.

After the conclusion of Bangladesh election, the government of India will declare the period of the election. The tentative months are expected to be April and May. The reason behind it is that the Chief Election Commissioner of India (CEC) has to conduct the elections of 29 states and 9 union territories. Hence the schedules are slated for two months. It is also expected that the new government of India is expected to be formed by May 2024.

Anyhow, prior to the Indian election, Bangladesh election of January 2024 is equally important for India. In the border districts adjoining West Bengal, there should be proper vigilance required to be maintained by both sides. As the business and economy of Bangladesh was badly crippled on account of the aftermath of the recent strikes convened by BNP. There is every possibility by some sections of Bangladeshi citizens. To cross over to Indian territories to save their own skin. This has to be prevented at any cost. Otherwise, West Bengal will land up into dire straits. Already, the local population of West Bengal stands at around 11 crores. Among the populaces of the state, the population of Kolkata is around 1.54 crores. Hence the worry for the Bengalis of West Bengal.

Bangladesh is not only connected with West Bengal, India. She is also connected with Assam, Tripura, and other north-eastern states of this vast nation. Already, the Union government of India has started deploying special troops within the vicinity of the region. Same way Bangladesh authorities will keep close vigil during the Indian Parliamentary elections, which will take place in the months of April and May 2024.

Now coming to Bangladesh exclusively, the citizens of the nation possess multifarious expectations. Though during the past fifteen years, the nation has progressed manifold. The honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazed has performed remarkably from social and economic aspects. This plaudit she has earned from other nations of the globe apart from closer and cordial neighbour India. Recently, Times Magazine has brought a special supplement about Sheikh Hasina Wazed. Though in some aspects she might not have able to rise up to the occasion. The opening up of Padma River Multipurpose Bridge and Dhaka Metro Railway plus various tunnels and railway network. All these have fetched her highest encomium about her.

Now about the expectations of the citizens, some of the major ones are stated as such, law and order, controlling price levels, proper and methodical governance etc. Sheikh Hasina Wazed Madam is such an astute personality who doesn’t hesitate to take up stern actions against her ministerial colleagues. I, being an Indian national by birth always has profound faith in this dynamic iron lady. Of not only Bangladesh, but also of South Asian Sub-Continent plus rest of the globe.

Summing up my above discourse, I feel upcoming Bangladesh election will be tough, challenging and peaceful one. One point we should always bear in our mind. That Prime Minister of Bangladesh is such a personality who not even spare the opposition leaders, but also leaders of her party. Anybody found not functioning as per expectations as well as unethical those leaders will have difficulty in finding space within the party.

Sujayendra Das, Columnist, 18, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata-700068, 9830677188, India


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