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Can You Tell Me What’s Going On…

Published: 08:29, 1 March 2024

Can You Tell Me What’s Going On…

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Humanity is crying in Gaza; can’t you hear it! Please you feel you also are crying!!

I am sorry for humanity that this man - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would decide to kill so many people on his way out in Gaza Strip. Truly disturbed. There has been an exponential rise of mass-killings, Brobdingnagian destructions of human habitats, hospitals along with patients, drone attacks and many more in my lifetime except in 1971 when we were battling for life or death against the brutal Pakistani soldiers and their local dreaded daemons and we seem to be numb to them. To me, it seems there is an existential crisis.

More than four months after the last October 7 attacks, the death toll in Gaza exceeded 30,000, after Hamas killed about 1,160 people in Israel, mostly civilians, and took around 250 hostages.

Netanyahu said on Sunday that Hamas is on 'another planet' with the negotiations. He said seeing the remaining hostages set free is included in his three goals, which he outlined again on the same day.

He noted that the other goals are to 'destroy Hamas,' and to 'ensure that Gaza does not pose a threat to Israel in the future'. 'Unless we have total victory, we can't have peace,' Netanyahu added.

The Biden administration and Netanyahu have disagreed on the best way forward in recent weeks, as the US President calls for Palestinian governance in Gaza and a two-state solution as a long-term plan, which Israel's government is against.

Last week, Israel rejected 'unilateral' recognition of a Palestinian state. 

It said that the decision would need to be reached through direct negotiations.  Netanyahu pushed for the vote on last Sunday. He said 'the Israeli people are united as never before,' while arguing that 'the policy is right'.

Israel's finance minister, Bezalel Smotrich, has announced new plans to construct more than 3,300 homes in West Bank settlements, following a fatal shooting on cars near the Maale Adumim settlement that saw one Israeli killed and five wounded.

Israel is now launching an invasion of Rafah in the south of Gaza, where around 1.4 million Palestinians have taken shelter from the conflict. Netanyahu boastfully said the intense phase of the fighting is weeks away from completion.

He said he has been held meeting with officials on a plan to evacuate Palestinians from Rafah and that Israel has 'gone to extraordinary lengths' to notify people in Gaza about incoming bombardments more broadly.’

We'll clear them out of harm's way, we'll complete the job and achieve total victory, which is necessary to give a secure future for Israel, a better future for Gaza and a better future for the Middle East,' he said.

His alleged insults came as the US was dragged further into war and conflict in the Middle East. A source close to the president told NBC News that Biden felt as though Netanyahu was 'giving him hell' over ceasefire negotiations.

'He just feels like this is enough. It has to stop,' another source told the network. The aging Democrat regularly calls Netanyahu 'this guy' and called him an 'a**hole' three times.

Israel's military proposed a plan for evacuating civilians from the Gaza Strip, Netanyahu's office announced, after he said a ground invasion of the Palestinian territory's southern city Rafah was necessary for 'total victory.'

Foreign governments and aid organisations have repeatedly expressed fears that such an operation will inflict mass civilian casualties.

More than 1.4 million Palestinians - most of them displaced from elsewhere - have converged on the last Gazan city untouched by Israel's ground troops.

It is also the entry point for desperately needed aid, brought in via neighbouring Egypt.

Israel's military 'presented the War Cabinet with a plan for evacuating the population from areas of fighting in the Gaza Strip, and with the upcoming operational plan', a statement in Hebrew from Netayahu's office said today.

The statement did not give any details about how or where the civilians would be moved.

The announcement comes after Egyptian, Qatari and US 'experts' met in Doha for talks also attended by Israeli and Hamas representatives, state-linked Egyptian media reported, the latest effort to secure a truce before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The United States said ongoing mediation efforts produced 'an understanding' towards a ceasefire and hostage release, while a Hamas source said the group insisted on the withdrawal of Israeli forces.

But Netanyahu - who has dismissed the withdrawal demand as 'delusional' - said a ground invasion of Rafah would put Israel within weeks of 'total victory' over Hamas, whose October 7 attack triggered the war.

'If we have a (truce) deal, it will be delayed somewhat, but it will happen,' he said of the ground invasion in the interview with CBS last Sunday.

'It has to be done because total victory is our goal and total victory is within reach - not months away, weeks away, once we begin the operation.'

Amid a spiraling humanitarian crisis, the main UN aid agency for Palestinians urged political action to avert famine in Gaza.

Dire food shortages in northern Gaza are 'a man-made disaster' that can be mitigated, said Philippe Lazzarini, head of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA.

'Famine can still be avoided through genuine political will to grant access and protection to meaningful assistance.'

The UN has said it faces restrictions, particularly on aid deliveries to northern Gaza.

But this is truly how the world we live in is. 

I just want to state that I am not trying to cause any divisions. There is Netanyahu, there is Yankee imperialism, white privilege…, but humanity is suffering. All of us. We must not be against each other.

“We cannot despair of humanity, since we ourselves are human beings.”- Albert Einstein

Send love to every other human that is suffering. You are beautiful, pure, and without sin. And the illusion of this world will never touch you. So, give up your suffering/attachments/confusion and we will fly together in a place beyond wrongdoing and righteousness.  

No lordliness. Let’s soar together there. Humanity must prevail everywhere across the world.  Stop war in Gaza. Stop genocide in Gaza. 

It is finished. Peace. And grace be with you. Green grace be with you all.

The writer is a freedom fighter who writes on politics and international issues