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World Book Day

Reading books improves memory and cognitive function of the brain 

Published: 08:41, 24 April 2024

Reading books improves memory and cognitive function of the brain 

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April 23 is World Book Day. The day was celebrated on the initiative of UNESCO from April 23, 1995. The main objective of Book Day is to increase public awareness about reading books, printing books, saving the copyright of books, etc.

The original idea of World Book Day comes from Spanish writer Vicente Clavel Andres. Miguel de Tervantes, another famous writer of Spain, died on April 23, 1616. Andres was his disciple. Andres started celebrating World Book Day in Spain on April 23, 1923, to commemorate his favourite author.

Then, in 1995, UNESCO recognised the day as World Book Day and started celebrating it. Since then, every year in different countries around the world, April 23 is being celebrated as World Book Day.

Nowadays, we have almost forgotten about reading books. We are much more interested in Facebook than we are in reading books. Due to our Facebook, YouTube, internet and mobile addiction, we have forgotten the real pleasure of reading books.

Books can be a gift item. That too seems to be disappearing. If you gift more books to your loved ones, buy books yourself, and read books regularly, if you can make books your daily companion, you can live a healthy and beautiful life just as your knowledge increases. Books are true friends; books are friends in danger—always close at hand.

The root of all the misdeeds, injustice, adultery, immoral activities in the society today is a society without knowledge and values. The main reason for this is a life separated from books, from learned people. Numerous domestic and foreign television channels are taking away many of our working hours in the name of entertainment. However, we can take this pleasure of entertainment with pure ease by reading books.

> Books that are my dear friend:

Books are the greatest wealth in this human life. Books are my dearest friends. How sweet the word 'friend'! Friendship symbolizes closeness, cordiality and harmony, love and cordiality and mutual good relations and emotional bonds. Friendship ruptures are painful but not uncommon; When it is noticeable, Many are friends today and enemies tomorrow. No one wants dishonesty and betrayal as friends. But the unexpected happens often. Why are only friends? Due to the conflict of mutual interests, distance is created between parents, siblings, close relatives and next-door neighbors. Violence is spreading. Just as an ant takes refuge in a tree leaf falling in water in danger, so also man wants to escape from danger, seeks some shelter. Need a good friend. Where flesh-and-blood people are doubted as friends, trust-distrust works, books can be people's real friends. And since I learned to read, I started reading different storybooks. I really liked reading storybooks. Sometimes I used to act.

I love to read books since my childhood. I don't feel good if I don't finish the book I start reading. And I have been interested in books since my childhood. Read various books along with tetextbooksxt books. I am very happy if someone gifts me books. There is nothing like the joy of gifting a book. And after the SSC exam, I read a lot of books in my free time. I know how they have enriched me. And by reading books, people can know the unknown and recognise the unknown.

Therefore, books are the tools of life, the organ of faith. Books bring us out of darkness and bring us to light. Books dispel darkness and advance civilization. So books are the key to civilisation as well as the protection of civilization. Since the dawn of civilisation, books have carried the multifaceted knowledge of the past and present.

> Library Archives:

Reading books is a hobby for people of all countries. People of different tastes keep their eyes on the pages of books according to their tastes and pursue their hobbies. The whole mind of man can be found in literature. So we must read the book. Because there is no literature without reading books. A single book is not possible for this practice, I want a library.
Philosophy, philosophy and science can be practiced in temples, caves, houses and laboratories, respectively, but the library is the only place for collecting and practicing knowledge.

> Books our joy and mental well-being:

Food for the body; rice; bread provides food for the mind books. The well-being of the body largely depends on the well-being of the mind. Reading good books is necessary to keep the mind healthy. Through reading good books, awareness of self-esteem arises in people's minds.

Moreover, we see that people who have accepted books as friends have fewer enemies. By reading books, our mind is good and our mind is filled with happiness. So books are symbols of knowledge, and books are symbols of joy.

> Freedom from Book Sanskar:

Man desires three things in life: man, wife and books.

However, there should be no compulsion in this companion election. In the case of books, one who likes to read books should be allowed to read those books. Then it will be possible to get new ideas from him.

To understand life, to break the barrier of habit reform, we need the company of books.

> Know how to save your favourite author's books on Book Day:

The beauty of the room depends on the arrangement of books and its care. Now let's start by arranging the book. Arrange the books on the bookshelf in such a way that you can easily find any book. List the books you want to keep on your schedule.

Books can be categorised by author, content, character, or even year of publication. Also, you can divide fiction and poetry subjects forward. In this case, you must be careful that according to the position and popularity of the story, good quality books should be placed at the top or bottom.

Now start arranging the books that you have categorised by category on the bookshelf. Books can be arranged upright if the height is not too high. Always place the binding side out so that the book name, title and author's name are visible.

If you arrange the bookshelf in this way, the guests who come to the house will appreciate your taste. And others will be interested in building a small collection of books. Take care of your favourite books, but books are written not only to be stored but also to be read - collected. Read yourself and gift books to your loved ones.

Finally, we all should read books regularly. Every family should have a library. There must be a variety of books. As a result, family members will easily become interested in reading books. The light of knowledge will flow in everyone's heart. By reading books, a person can gain more or less knowledge about everything. And there is no way to end by saying how many questions books provide answers to in life. Books are written sculptures of humans. Therefore, just as it is necessary to eat healthy and nutritious food to keep the body healthy, it is also necessary to give food to keep the brain healthy, functional, and active. According to recent research, the habit of reading books is brain food!

It can be said that in order to keep the brain healthy and active, it is only necessary to eat fish oil or turmeric regularly or to try a new language class, pulse book, or math solution, which will simultaneously increase the memory and cognitive function of the brain. However, among these, the most beneficial and effective for the brain is the habit of reading books. Reading books is beneficial for the brain.

Studies have shown that the habit of reading books has a positive effect on the brain. Staying mentally stimulated can prevent dementia and Alzheimer's. Because the brain is always active, the possibility of losing its performance is reduced.Apart from this, reading reduces stress, sharpens memory, increases imagination, improves logical thinking, increases attention, helps you sleep faster at night, gets you inspired, makes you compassionate, increases creativity.

Among the thousands of reasons to read books, the biggest reason is that only books can be your best friend in life. He responds only when he is pulled close; If you don't, he never will. So whether Book Day is celebrated in style or not, the appeal of books never seems to run out. As long as the earth exists, mangalpradip will burn books in the lonely watch of man. A book will become a dear companion on a tired afternoon or a gloomy afternoon. The book will hug you like a mist on a winter night. A book will remind us of many things. May the book day be immortal.

The writer is an author, founder and Chairman of Jatiya Rogi Kalyan Society.