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25 June 2024

Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar: A sign of inspiration & patriotism

Ridwan Bin Wali Ullah

Published: 08:16, 20 May 2024

Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar: A sign of inspiration & patriotism

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Mohammad Anwar Hossain (1948–1971), the first martyred Army officer in the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, was posted at First East Bengal Regiment. After being attacked by the Pakistani forces on 28th March, 1971, the unarmed Bengali soldiers stationed in Jessore Cantonment, revolted under the command of Lieutenant Hafizuddin Ahmad and Second Lieutenant Mohammad Anwar Hossain. During leaving the cantonment area, through the open field, to gather in Chougacha, he was killed by the Pakistani army bullet in a face-to-face confrontation. ‘Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girls College’, in Dhaka Cantonment, has been named after this great patriot. In this article, we are endeavouring to unbolt the secrets made him immortal.

Highly Ambitious:

Bangladesh, the then east Bengal, under the partial government of Pakistan, was not rich, not in the education nor in the economy. At that challenging socio-economic circumstances, this hero had been privileged of getting admitted in the University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) to pursue a colourful career.

Sign of indomitable patriotism:

It’s astonishing that a young, brilliant adolescent got admitted to a famous University in 1970, but he left the dream of a bright career and joined the then Pakistani army to serve the country. He reveled against Pakistani soldiers when he was at the very beginning of his professional journey.

Source of Inspiration:

Shaheed Anwar, a legendary person who laid down his life with valour for the eternal peace of 7 crore people as an army officer for the first time, is the shadow of enthusiasm. This bold contribution, even of not having enough equipment, in a bloody war against a well-armed destroying force will be glittered in the hearts of commanding leaders as an extraordinary example of leadership. Bangladesh Govt. kept him alive forever in our history by awarding him the heroic medal Bir Uttam, the second highest gallantry award in Bangladesh.

Investing intelligence for the country:

Backtracking the awaiting colourful future as a student of EPUET (now BUET), turning aside the assurance of settled life in any developed country, this conqueror appointed his intelligence & life for the freedom of motherland, the dreamy destination. Self interest, family, & love of parents met the least priority to him. Rather, he proved his eternal love to the country above all.


Even at the moment of extreme adversity, this lionhearted leader never thought of defeat. During the sudden attack by the Pakistani army, he didn’t become disappointed. Rather he handled the mission with cool head as a world-class fighter. Yes, he was killed by enemy shoot, during leaving the cantonment area to take the safe position, but he didn’t surrender before persecuting power.

Truthfulness: There is a Hadith that "Actions are (judged) by motives (niyyah)”-Bukhari & Muslim. Our hero, Shaheed Anwar, proved this hadith in his fighting against well armed force at a very crucial time. Extraordinary determination to free the country from enemy, exemplary dedication in the mission to reach royal vision proved his truthfulness & honouring his promise agreed upon himself, people & country that is appreciated by Allah in Holy Quran, ‘It is that day on which the Truthful shall enjoy the benefits of their truthfulness. For them, the award is Jannat’- (Sura Al Maida: 119).

Influencing Landmark:

High ambition, unconditional patriotism, uncompromising gallantry, perfect decision-making skill, visionary leadership marked him as the lighthouse for smart generation.

These wisdoms, carried out in Anwar's character, should be portrayed in every student's core of heart for reaching their ultimate aim in life & for ascertaining the sustainable development of Bangladesh.

The writer is a PhD Fellow at DU, Teacher at SAGC, Dhaka Cantonment.