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25 July 2024

Russell’s Viper: A social menace

Md. Al Amin  

Published: 09:15, 23 June 2024

Russell’s Viper: A social menace

Photo : Messenger

At present, Russell’s Viper, a venomous snake, is one of the most discussed topics in Bangladesh, although this poisonous snake has been found in India, China, Myanmar, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, and so on. In this regard, netizens are also active against the aggressive and desperate activities of this deadly snake. Bangladesh is a special country in South Asia. It’s also true that no country is free from human problems. Similarly, our country, one of the most populous countries of the world, is not free from human problems. A snakebite is one of them because some people also die in our country because of the snakebites every year. In conformity with the World Health Organisation (WHO), an antivenom is essential for saving a life after a snakebite. Russell’s Viper has already added a new dimension to this acute problem. According to different media reports, Russell’s Viper is named after Patrick Russell, a Scottish herpetologist.

This snake is also called Chandabora or Ulubora in Bangladesh. It is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. It’s also found on croplands because it eats mice, insects, frogs, and so on. In conformity with the report of The Daily Messenger published on June 21, 2024, Russell’s Viper has already spread or reached 27 districts of Bangladesh. Besides, according to media reports, at least 10 people have already died due to its bites in this country in 2024. It’s not a normal sign for us because every life has a special value for us. Unless the concerned authorities are more active, this problem will be more complicated soon. Even a trivial problem can become more complex if it is not solved in due time. At present, the snakebite is a social menace in Bangladesh because of its aggressive and desperate activities. Different kinds of snakes try to enter into people’s houses, losing their living places due to the unfavourable situations. 

We should remember that different kinds of snakes are also desperate and available during the rainy season. As a result, the people of different ages encounter various kinds of snakes in their respective houses and face unwanted occurrences like the snakebite. It’s also noticeable and sorrowful that some inconsiderate government doctors are sometimes absent from their respective work places during their office time. It’s also true that some irresponsible government doctors stay at different private clinics and diagnostic centers during their office time in order to be richer overnight. It’s one kind of injustice to the dying patients because many poor patients go to government hospitals to get better treatment, even though all patients are not needy.

As a result, patients of different ages are deprived of the timely and appropriate treatment and suffer much. We often find various information regarding the unethical and unlawful activities of inconsiderate doctors because of the timely and fearless roles of mass media. It’s also unexpected and painful that journalists sometimes face the unwanted and unsafe situations at the time of collecting information against the irregularities of medical sectors. But it’s also true that there are many honest, sincere, dutiful, punctual, active, noble, and considerate doctors in our country. There is no scope of denying the importance of ideal doctors. On the other hand, we can’t help confessing the presence of inconsiderate, insincere, and irresponsible doctors in this country. As a Bangladeshi columnist, I firmly believe that ensuring accountability everywhere is a very effective step of bringing order and security to every sector. Nepotism is also a great obstacle to accountability. The rule of laws is essential for maintaining order and peace everywhere. It is a matter of comfort that the problem of Russell’s Viper is also curable if the victims (patients) are given anti-venoms in due time. According to media reports, the supplies of antivenoms are insufficient. In this regard, the relevant authorities should take immediate steps to collect the necessary anti-venoms. We have seen that the role of mass media is really outstanding in different critical and unsafe situations of human beings. In this regard, mass media can also play a vital role in creating public awareness against the continuous attacks of different kinds of snakes, including Russell’s viper, in different countries. 

Publishing the objective news is also an effective way of maintaining order, peace, and people’s trust. Besides, relevant researchers and investigative journalists should also look for the real causes of the sudden increase of Russell’s Vipers in Bangladesh because this issue is also related to our national interest. It will be another great error if we are indifferent to this severe problem of our country. If the relevant authorities  finalise a timely decision after talking to the people of different classes and professions, including victims, it will also be an effective and laudable step. It’s high time to form some “more effective and digital cells” to know the latest information regarding the desperate and destructive activities of different kinds of snakes, including Russell’s Viper. As a Muslim columnist, I urge the relevant researchers and authorities to take the help of the Holy Quran because there is the best path of solving all human problems of the world in this holy book. I believe that timely and preventive measures can reduce the risk of a complex problem and ensure public security gradually. 

If this repugnant occurrence like the snakebite continues, it will turn into one of the most complicated problems without delay. As a Bangladeshi columnist, I also urge the relevant authorities, including the government, to take more effective steps to avoid unwanted occurrences like the snakebite soon. Otherwise, it will be so tough to protect the people of different ages and classes from the frequent attacks of different types of snakes, including Russell’s Viper.

The writer is a Bangladeshi columnist having a master’s degree in English Language and Literature from Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University (JKKNIU). He could be reached at: [email protected].