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15 June 2024

BNP is a fake political party: Hasan Mahmud 

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Published: 19:57, 18 May 2024

BNP is a fake political party: Hasan Mahmud 

Foreign Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud. Photo: Collected

Foreign Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud on Saturday (18 May) said that the BNP is a fake political party. 

“You should remember that the BNP presented Joe Biden's fake adviser on October 28 last year. When the fake adviser was in BNP’s political office, he only spoke in English. When the police took him away, I saw him he spoke in Bengali fluently. Earlier, BNP presented forged signatures of Congressmen. At that time said India's Amit Shah called on the issue. Amit Shah's office said he did not call anyone; the voice that was released was not Amit Shah's. Seeing the development progress of the country, BNP and their allies are upset. Sometimes I see that GM Kader also gets upset,” Hasan, also Joint General Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League (AL), said. 

Dr Hasan said these while addressing as a discussion organized by city AL on the occasion of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's 44th Homecoming Day in city’s International Convention Hall here this afternoon as chief guest. 

Dr. Hasan said, people of the country saw that BNP used to visit different embassies every day before the last national election and wanted to stop the election. 

“The election was held peacefully and 42 percent people voted. If BNP had not declared election resistance, attacked people, burnt and killed entire families including children in the train, then the voting rate would have been more than 60 percent. In the last two or three years, elections have been held in many European countries, the voter turnout was less than 40 percent there,” he said.

He said over 80 countries government or head of state of the world congratulated our Prime Minister after forming this government after the peaceful election. 

“The President of the United States wrote a letter congratulating her and said, "We want to take the relationship with Bangladesh to new heights." Last two days ago the Prime Minister of Australia also congratulated our Prime Minister. This is why BNP is upset. Perhaps that is why BNP leader Dr. Moeen Khan is talking like an astrologer lately,” he added.

Hasan Mahmud said, Moin Khan has also started performing the duties of an astrologer outside of politics. 

“Moin Khan's father Abdul Momen Khan was the Food Secretary when Bangabandhu was running the country. His father had manipulated the return of food ships from the Indian Ocean, created food crisis in the country. Abdul Momen Khan played a role in making Bangabandhu unpopular by creating a food crisis. As a reward for that, Ziaur Rahman made Abdul Momen Khan as Food Adviser after capturing the state power. After the election in 1979, Abdul Momen Khan said in his speech as the food minister in the parliament that he would sell the country if needed for food. His son is Moin Khan,” Hasan said.

The Foreign Minister said Assistant Secretary of United States of America came here to promote relation with Bangladesh. 

“He talked to me about how to take the relationship forward in bilateral meetings. They have expressed their intention to return GSP benefits to us if we reform in some areas. At the same time they have a special fund aimed at overcoming the global economic recession. From there they also said to support. So our relationship with US is very good. We are working to move the relationship forward. That is why BNP's head is worse,” Hasan said.

Dr. Hasan Mahmud said, today if we want to move the country forward, if we want to realize the dreams of the people of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina is the only alternative in this country. 

“Sheikh Hasina showed the nation a dream of Digital Bangladesh. And that dream came true. In 2018, our slogan was ‘Amar Gram Amar Sohor’. Today villages have become like cities, there is no difference between village and city,” Hasan added.

The Foreign Minister said we have given the slogan of 'Smart Bangladesh' in 2024, Smart Bangladesh means Smart Society, Smart Economy, Smart Governance and Smart People. 

“We want to create Smart Bangladesh with these four components. Inshallah, we will win in this campaign too under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. But BNP and their allies want to block our march. That is why they have been hatching various conspiracies,” he said.

City AL President Mahatab Uddin Chowdhury presided over the function while Bangladesh AL Relief and Social Welfare Affairs Secretary Aminul Islam Amin, City AL General Secretary former Mayor AJM Nasir Uddin addressed the function as special guests. 

Later, Dr Hasan Mahmud attended the food distribution programme to the underprivileged people on the occasion of Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina's Homecoming Day in city’s Kadam Mubarak Orphanage by Bangladesh Awami League's Relief and Social Welfare Sub-Committee as chief guest.

AL Relief and Social Welfare Secretary Aminul Islam Amin also addressed the function.