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18 July 2024

Economic woes kill people’s Eid celebration this year: Abbas

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Published: 19:54, 17 June 2024

Economic woes kill people’s Eid celebration this year: Abbas

BNP senior leader Mirza Abbas. Photo : Collected

BNP senior leader Mirza Abbas on Monday (17 June) said there is no joy of Eid among the country’s people as they are celebrating it amid financial crisis.

“Eid means happiness. But this happiness is absent among the people of Bangladesh. They’re not in a position to enjoy this happiness,” he said.

Speaking to reporters by the side of BNP founder Ziaur Rahman’s grave, Abbas also said the joy typically associated with Eid has remained elusive for the country's people for the last 15 years.

He said the people used to celebrate Eid with huge enthusiasm during the Khaleda Zia-led BNP government, but that sense of Eid joy is not felt by people now.

“People’s pain and suffering are evident on their strained faces… They are sacrificing animals with great difficulty. There’s a cattle market for sacrificial animals near my home (Shahjahanpur). I noticed that many traders couldn't sell their cows, indicating a noticeable shortage of money among the people,” the BNP leader said.

Abbas, a BNP standing committee member, said the people of Bangladesh are enduring serious hardships because an 'illegitimate and unelected' government is in power.

“If there were an elected government, the people wouldn't be suffering like they are Today’s doodle l. This contrast is evident... What was the situation when there was an elected government, and what is the situation today?" He observed.

The BNP leader expressed solidarity with the thousands of leaders and workers of the party who are in prison. 

Abbas said the people of the country are trapped like octopuses from all around. “What is political, what is economic, what is social, and what is geographical situation now? If we talk about the geographical situation, we are not in a good position and we are not at peace."

He also voiced concern over a tense situation and crisis on Saint Martin's Island, which is entirely within Bangladesh.

“The island is facing a food crisis and has become isolated from other parts of the country. Food cannot be supplied there. Why? Because of fear of Myanmar's military forces. But during 1978-79, Myanmar humbly knelt down and offered an apology to the then President of Bangladesh (Ziaur Rahman). Myanmar has now become so audacious that they are glaring at us with red eyes,” Abbas bemoaned.

He said Myanmar is showing audacity as the current illegal Awami League government lacks support both domestically and internationally.

The BNP leader said many other countries are showing a big brother attitude to Bangladesh due to the submissive foreign policy of the current regime. “This government is unable to make its own decisions under others' influence."

He also accused the government of spreading lies about the actual situation in Myanmar.

About the recent reshuffle in BNP, Abbas said they are doing it as a regular democratic process to revamp the party.

Abbas, along with some party leaders, went to Zia’s grave in the capital around 11:30 am and offered fateha there, marking Eid-ul-Azha.

They also offered a special munajat, seeking the salvation of Zia's departed soul."