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21 July 2024

None of the corrupt under scrutiny now to face punishment

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Published: 20:56, 6 July 2024

None of the corrupt under scrutiny now to face punishment

Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader. Photo : Collected

Jatiya Party Chairman and leader of the opposition GM Quader on Saturday (6 June) predicted the corrupt people currently under scrutiny would get away with their crimes, saying that none of them will face any punishment.

“We've seen this before with the casino cases—lots of noise, but no real penalties. It's all just a show, a drama. Some individuals have even been allowed to legalize their illicit money under the guise of amnesty, all while being threatened for more money to run the government," he said.

The opposition party leader came up with the remarks while addressing the biennial conference of the Gazipur district unit of the party as the chief guest.

The conference, held at a convention center in Telipara area, was presided over by freedom fighter Abdus Sattar Mia and conducted by municipal councillor Kamrul Islam Mandal while party’s General Secretary Mujibul Haque Chunnu was the key speaker.

Criticizing the current state of the country, GM Quader said everyone except Awami League supporters agrees that the current situation of the country is not good.

Ordinary people are struggling; many can't even afford an egg. It is happening due to the government's flawed policies and corruption. Billions of Taka have been laundered from the country due to corruption in the gas and electricity sectors, he alleged.

"The government is reducing imports in various ways due to the dollar crisis. Our exports and foreign earnings are declining. The government can't maintain reserves, and it's unable to import essential medicines like insulin. Children are dying because of counterfeit drugs. The economy is leaking, and everything is flowing out through these holes," he said.

Regarding the anti-quota movement, the JaPa leader said, "University students are now protesting against the quota system. This quota system is unconstitutional. There is no way to legalize it according to the constitution. So why does the current government need this quota?”

This government has divided society and treats the country as personal and family property. This quota system is maintained for loyal administration and law enforcement. They want a merit-based administration, he said.

Other speakers included Presidium members Sherifa Quader, Rezaul Islam Bhuiyan, Zahirul Islam, Vice Chairman Arifur Rahman Khan, Advisor Khalilur Rahman Khalil, and Vice Chairman Jasim Uddin.

Followed by the addressing, a new committee for the Gazipur district was announced, with freedom fighter Abdus Sattar Mia and Kamrul Islam Mandal president and general secretary respectively.