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14 July 2024


AL wants to resolve issue via court


Published: 07:49, 9 July 2024

AL wants to resolve issue via court

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The ruling Awami League (AL) government is trying to navigate the ongoing quota issue and movement through legal channels. Despite discussions held by five ministers and a state minister on Monday at a closed-door meeting, details remain undisclosed.

Party sources, however, indicate the primary focus of the meeting was the ongoing anti-quota student movement. With the issue now under the jurisdiction of the High Court, Awami League intends to resolve it through legal means. The party is monitoring developments closely.

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader addressed reporters at the Awami League President’s office in Dhanmondi at 12:30pm on Monday.  He said that politics had infiltrated the quota movement, alleging the open support of the movement by BNP and its sympathizers. 

“Supporting means they have participated,” he said, suggesting potential involvement in a conspiracy, which they are closely monitoring. Following the press conference, Obaidul Quader returned to his office at 1:15pm. Education Minister Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury and State Information for Information and Broadcasting

Mohammad Ali Arafat, absent from the conference, joined a meeting with Road Transport and Bridges Minister and Minister Obaidul Quader.  Law Minister Anisul Huq arrived at the Awami League President’s political office at 1:32pm, followed by State Minister for Education Begum Shamsun Nahar Chapa. 

They convened for an hour before leaving at 2:12pm, with Obaidul Quader and Anisul Huq declining media statements. State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Mohammad Ali Arafat responded to a question, saying, “I discussed the overall issue ¬-- political and organisational matters. It's part of

our regular agenda. Regarding the quota, various topics were discussed, not specific ones. As for today's session, it's part of our routine schedule.” Regarding the quota issue, he said, “Various issues were discussed, not specific ones.”

Education Minister Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury said, “We have discussed various issues, but these are not suitable for public discussion at this time. Regarding the quota movement, since it's sub judice, we refrain from commenting as the matter is before the court. Our stance is to await the court's decision. The government has already filed an appeal, so we will wait for that outcome before making further comments.”

Awami League sources say the meeting primarily focused on the quota movement, now a matter before the High Court.  The government refrains from external discussions until a court verdict is reached, ensuring adherence to legal procedures. The party remains vigilant to prevent exploitation by opposition parties. Ministers continue to monitor the situation to maintain law and order, with minimal focus on university teachers’ concerns during the meeting.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Abu Mohammad Amin Uddin, speaking to journalists at his office on Monday afternoon, urged patience from protesting students. He cautioned against protesting a High Court judgment under review, saying, “We are in government but cannot comment on ongoing cases.”

The Attorney General confirmed the government’s appeal to the Appellate Division against the court’s order, with the next hearing scheduled for Thursday. Pending a full verdict by Wednesday, they plan to proceed with a regular appeal.